Titanfall 2 - How To Use Batteries in Your Titan

Find our what batteries are, how they work, and what they do.


Unlike the first Titanfall game, things in Titanfall 2 have changed quite a bit. One particularly good example of this are Titan Overshields. Unlike the first game, Titans no longer spawn into the game with Overshields. In this article we'll show you how to recharge your shields using Titan Batteries, as well as tell you how to find them and how they work. 

How to Recharge Your Titan Overshield Using Titan Batteries

Strewn across the various maps and modes of Titanfall 2, players can find glowing green Titan Batteries. These items work as rechargers for your Titan's Overwshield, which will keep your Titan alive a lot longer by allowing it to take more damage before being destroyed. You'll want to become adept at finding and picking these items up, as they are extremely important to keeping control of the Titan population on each and every map in the game. 

So how do you find these precious items? Well, many maps offer them up in predetermined locations, where they'll easily be found by the glowing green diamond icon on your minimap. However, you can also get these precious items from enemies when they are killed. Destroyed units like Reapers and Titans can drop new Batteries that can be picked up by both your team and the enemy team, so make sure you always grab them first. 

If you played through the singleplayer campaign, then you probably remember using these items in various campaign missions. Unlike the singleplayer campaign, though, you cannot simply walk over these items with your Titan. Instead, you will need to hop out of your Titan and walk over them with your Pilot to retrieve them. Just be sure to check your surroundings for enemies, as jumping out of your Titan and leaving it unattended with enemies around is never a smart move. 

Batteries play an extremely important part in the fundamentals of Titanfall 2's various multiplayer modes. Make sure to collect them, and use them when your Titan's Overshield falls. This will increase your Titan's time on the battlefield, which will allow you to dominate your enemies by overwhelming their forces with brute strength and firepower. Always look out for more Batteries, and never disembark to pick them up if you have enemies around you, as that may lead to your death. If you follow the information we've included above, you should now have a good understanding of what Batteries are, and why they are such an important item in Titanfall 2.

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