How to Find all the Repent Magazines in Mafia 3

Find all five of the collectible Repent magazines hidden throughout New Bordeaux


As you make your way through New Bordeaux, exploring the various districts, you’re going to come across some interesting characters, items, and collectibles. There are around 161 collectibles in total, and today we’re going to show you how to find five of those, and get started on getting to 100% completion in Mafia 3. You’re going to need to work for these collectibles, though, so make sure to bring a drink along to help you stay motivated.

All the Repent Magazine Locations In Mafia 3’s New Bordeaux

There are 5 Repent magazines hidden throughout the city. You’ll need to find all five of them, and claim them to complete this collectible entry. In order to make things easier to follow, we’ve included images of both the map location, and the item’s location where it can be found. Use the images to find each collectible and claim it for your collectible.

It should also be noted that drawing close to a collectible will make it show up on your minimap, in the form of a cross icon. Use this to your advantage to help you easily find these items.

June 11, 1968

The first issue of this collectible can only be found after you have met with Donovan during the Compromised Corruption mission. Head to the icon in the Downtown district, after you unlock it, and play through the cutscene. Donovan will actually give you the magazine in the cutscene, however, you will need to pick it up after the scene ends.

January 10, 1968

This issue can be found in Frisco Fields. Make your way to Bellaire’s Grocery Store, and break in through the back employee entrance. Take out any guards who get in your way, and head up the stairs to the second floor. You can find this Repent magazine resting on a desk in the second floor office.

March 10, 1968

To find this issue of Repent magazine, you will need to head to the French Ward. Locate the massive historic cemetery we’ve outlined on the map below, and head inside it. This Repent magazine can be found in front of the center mausoleum, resting on the wall overlooking the main path.

July 12, 1967

While still inside the French Ward, head south to locate this hotel used by Marcano’s rackets as a gentleman’s entertainment lounge. There are a lot of enemies here, so bring plenty of ammo, and your sneakiest set of boots. Make your way through the hotel to the second floor, and look for a room with a kid’s tricycle in the middle of the floor. The Repent magazine can be found on the long dresser along the wall.

November 9, 1967

The last item in this collectible category can only be found in the Southdowns district. Head to the area, and look for a building called Willcock’s Sports and Cocktails. It’s a pretty inconspicuous building, so be sure to follow the map image below. Once you arrive, head inside and take out any goons that get in your way. You’ll then find this issue of the Repent magazine on the end of the central counter of the bar’s middle area.

That’s all the Repent magazine collectibles in Mafia 3. There are still plenty more items to be found, though, so be sure to head back to our Mafia 3 walkthrough and guide for more details and information about each item. If you followed all the information and images we provided above, you should have located and claimed all 5 of the Repent magazines in Mafia 3. Good job. Now get back out there and take down Marcano’s operation.

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