Mafia 3: How to Unlock the 30FPS Cap and Get Unlimited FPS

Want to run Mafia 3 at a higher framerate than the game original allows? We’ll show you how.


When Mafia 3 released on October 7, PC players were upset as they loaded into the game only to realize that their version of the game had been locked at 30FPS, like the console versions. Fury quickly spread across the internet, with Reddit threads, Twitter mentions, and even Facebook comments being thrown at Hangar 13 and 2K for the mishap. Thankfully, though, Hangar 13 has come through, and PC players can now remove the 3FPS cap, and enjoy unlimited framerate. In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock it, and walk you through the process so you can enjoy some buttery smooth gameplay as you explore New Bordeaux.

The only way that you can unlock the framerate on PC, is to download the game’s latest patch. This patch, 1.01, is more a hotfix than anything, but it allows players to aptly choose the FPS option that works for them. Once you have the patch downloaded and installed (Steam will do it automatically), all that’s left to do is go in and change the settings yourself. Head into the Options area, then locate and click on the Display options. There will be a new Display option available to tweak, and here you can choose a 30, 60, or Unlimited FPS cap. Once you’ve changed your FPS option, and unlocked it from the 30FPS cap instilled by the developer, save your settings and back out into the game. You should now be able to enjoy buttery smooth gameplay.

It should also be noted that this patch will reset all keyboard mapping to the default settings, so be sure to head back into your settings and re-customize any keyboard options that you had updated to your own settings. If you followed the steps above, you should be able to enjoy Mafia 3, and the dangerous city of New Bordeaux, at an unlimited framerate. Now get out there and get to causing some chaos.

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