Mafia 3: All Playboy Magazine Issue Locations

Been collecting the copies of Playboy scattered around Mafia 3? Let us help point you inthe right direction!


In Mafia 3, one of the things you'll be able to find while exploring is a number of collectible Playboy magazine issues scattered throughout the world. Here's a quick rundown of all the issues we've been able to find so far. We will continue to update this guide as we continue to locate more. 

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Delray Holow

August 1966: Find this issue in the back office of the Everyday Laundromat in Delray Hollow. The magazine is inside the desk.

August 1964: After getting out of bed in Sammy’s Bar, examine the countertops behind the barstool, at the stacks of papers and boxes. The magazine will be among those papers.

November 1967: Look for a decrepit green house in Delray Hollow. This issue will be inside, on the desk in the living room.

May 1964: This issue is located at the end of the bar inside the Double Barrel Bar in Delray Hollow.

River Row

July 1964: This issue is located on the desk of the cage office at the Bayside Shipping Warehouse.

June 1966: This issue is on the kitchen table inside the Fresh Crab Shack in River Row.

May 1963: Find this issue of the magazine on the filing cabinet in the back office of the Baby Bear BBQ.

February 1966: Locate the large warehouse in River Row with two stories, windows, and a staircase in the back. On the second floor catwalk, you’ll find this issue on a table.

May 1966: You’ll find this issue inside the building you need to find when hunting Stitch in the Union Extortion Racket. The magazine will be on the floor inside the stairwell.

October 1967: Look for the shack in River Row’s slums with two garden planters outside. This issue is inside on the table.

December 1967: Visit the riverfront and you’ll find a home with a massive porch attached to it. The Playboy is on the ground beside a wooden chair.

Pointe Verdun

June 1965: This issue isresting on a bench sitting across from the lighthouse.

August 1967: In this area, you’ll find a small green house near a two-story house. Inside the house, you’ll find this issue inside on the table.

November 1965: There’s a small home beneath this district’s freeway. The Playboy is toward the end of the house, past the small white table.

September 1968: This issue is located on a desk near some large open windows inside a two-story warehouse.

August 1965: A small building near Bever’s Moonshine will house this issue, which can be found on the black couch inside.

October 1965: This issue is located in the small shed in the parking lot of the police station, but it may be tricky to pick up. Use your buddy Zemis as a distraction to avoid getting snatched by the cops.

May 1967: Visit Burke’s Iron and Metal garage and you’ll find this issue on top of a tool bench in the corner.

Barclay Mills

January 1964: This issue is inside of a big shipping garage, on top of the table behind the parked truck.

September 1963: There’s a wooden shack at the top of a hill in this district. This issue is inside, on the table.

February 1964: Find this issue inside a small cabin with a porch, built out in the hills. The magazine is on the table inside.

November 1963: Yet another house in the hills. This one is a ranch-style house, and the magazine is on the back porch.


January 1967: THis issue is on the desk in the back office of the Auto Service center.

November 1966: Step into the sewer tunnels through the river tunnel, and this issue is on the bottom shelf of a workbench inside.

June 1967: Find this issue in the flowerbed beneath a palm tree in the park. Look for the furthest tree in the Northeastern corner of the park.

April 1965: Look in the Construction Yard behind Shaker’s Jazz Club for this one. The issue is on the desk inside the office. This can be found by doing the Cavar’s Construction.

December 1964: Visit the shoreline and enter the garage. This magazine is inside the office, on the desk.

Tickfaw Harbor

October 1968: Look behind the bar in Shooter’s Bar for this one.

July 1967: Visit this district’s two-story train station and you’ll find the magazine on the desk inside.

July 1962: This issue is in a building near the Bayside Shipping building.This issue is on the rooftop ledge outside.

August 1962: This issue is inside a trailer in the shipyard, sitting on a desk.

May 1965: Look inside another trailer on the waterfront for this issue. The magazine is on the desk inside.

Frisco Fields

April 1967: There’s a small house near the lake with a porch extending out into the water. The issue is inside, on the floor.

October 1968: Visit the Civil War site called Duval Lookout. At the top of the stairs in the large tower, you’ll find the issue.

March 1967: This issue is in the backyard of a two story house in a subdivision. You’ll find it on the table with an umbrella on it.

March 1965: This issue is in between some lounge chairs in the backyard of a large house. The house will have a set of stairs leading you down to a pergola.

September 1965: Nestled inside a group of houses in this district, there’s a small shack. The magazine is inside.

The French Ward

February 1962: Look for a brick house with a shed in the backyard. The magazine is into the shed, near a chair.

February 1967: There’s a house with a green garage build next to it. The magazine is on the workbench in the garage.

April 1961: There’s a two-story warehouse in the French Ward, and inside is where you’ll find the issue, on a workbench.

November 1968: There’s a brown house next to a large building in this district. Enter the backyard, and you’ll see this issue on an outdoor grill.


September 1967: This issue is inside the Neil A Arthur Stadium, resting on a seat in the top of the stands.

March 1968: This issue is tucked away inside a bathroom cabinet inside a long green house.

March 1966: Visit the Pearl Diver hotel to find this issue. The magazine is inside on a table in one of the rooms on the second floor.

December 1967: There’s a set of three buildings in this district. The middle will have a staircase inside. Climb it to the top, and you’ll find the magazine resting on the ledge.

Bayou Fantom

June 1962: This issue is inside a small shack in the Bayou.

June 1968: This issue is inside of a small shack perched out in the water, on top of a workbench.

August 1968: You’ll need to drive for this one. This issue is inside a small, old shack, resting on top of the dresser in the bedroom.

July 1968: On the riverfront is a house with a covered porch. This issue is on a picnic table beneath the roof.

March 1962: This issue can be found inside a tiny shack out in the middle of nowhere in this district. There’s a good chance you’ll run into gators during this trek, so prepare carefully.

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