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Destiny: Rise of Iron - How to Get More Skeleton Keys

In order to get the new loot from strikes in Rise of Iron, you'll need skeleton keys to open the chest. Here's how you can obtain them. 


One of the unique items new in Destiny: Rise of Iron is the Skeleton Key, a collectible that can be used to open special chests containing strike-specific loot. It’s a new way of offering up gear and content for players, meant to streamline the process somewhat and make it marginally easier for people to access.

Skeleton Key drop rates have yet to be pinned down exactly, but we have a few tips for going about and obtaining them.

First, Skeleton Keys are best obtained by completing strikes. For best results, it’s recommended to find a strike playlist and keep with it as long as is feasible.

Another way to get at least one Skeleton Key is to complete Rise of Iron’s main campaign, then take on the quest from Shiro that will take you through the Wretched Eye and Sepiks Perfected strikes. This mission pays out a Skeleton Key upon completion.

For a look at the strike-specific loot you can get from unlocking a chest with a Skeleton Key, check out our Destiny: Rise of Iron guide.

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