All of the Strike-Specific Loot in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Here's what you'll get for completing a strike in Destiny: Rise of Iron. 


There are three strikes in the all-new Destiny expansion Rise of Iron. A mix of re-worked and brand new missions, each strike offers some exclusive loot that can be accessed by using collectible Skeleton Keys to open up chests at the end.

A few notes:
-Bosses do not drop loot in Rise of Iron
-Loot is appearing to be higher than the player’s overall Light Level.
-Several players have experienced multiple drops from one Skeleton Key
-Artifacts have also been reported to drop upon opening a chest

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what’s available to people who choose to engage in the strikes!

Sepiks Perfected

This strike is a reworked version of the Devil’s Lair strike from Destiny year one.

-Devil’s Dawn legendary sniper rifle
-Sepiks Deposed Bond legendary class item for Warlock Guardians

Wretched Eye

This is a brand new strike unique to Destiny: Rise of Iron, in which players fight Devil Splicer High Priest while dodging attacks from a SIVA-infused Ogre.

-Anathema Cannon Mark Titan class item
-Devil’s Dawn legendary sniper rifle
-Hood of Malok legendary hunter helmet

SIVA Phogoth

Like Sepiks Perfected, SIVA Phogoth is another re-worked Destiny year one strike that has been altered to show the effects SIVA can have when infecting creatures.

-Mongrel Ogre Grasp Hunter gauntlets
-Devil’s Dawn legendary sniper rifle

That’s all we know of for now. In the meantime, check out more of our Destiny content, including a walkthrough and a guide to raising your Light Level.

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