Destiny servers down as Rise of Iron expansion launches [Update]

Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion is now available, but it appears Bungie's servers are having trouble keeping up with demand.


Update: Destiny's servers have stabilized and the game appears to be running smoothly.

Original Story:

The latest expansion for Destiny, Rise of Iron, is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners to start enjoying today. But as you’d expect on a big launch day for Destiny, its servers are having trouble keeping up with demand.

The issues with Destiny’s servers started earlier this morning as Bungie revealed it was actively investigating several issues that were impeding players access to the game across all platforms. While Bungie has made some progress, Destiny’s population continues to rise as more players log in. As of this writing, Bungie has implemented a sign on queue for Destiny across all platforms to hopefully alleviate the stress its servers are feeling.

Bungie has been regularly taking down its servers for Destiny for the past month or so in preparation for the Rise of Iron, with the last one taking place just five days ago. With today’s server issues, it appears Bungie once again underestimates the power of its fans as a very large majority of them have decided to take part in the Rise of Iron expansion.

As of now, Bungie has yet to reveal any additional information regarding Destiny’s servers. With the launch of Rise of Iron happening today, we have a feeling these server issues will continue throughout the day, especially later on this evening when people get home from work.

Since Destiny’s servers are going to be flaky all day, we recommend checking up on some of our guides on the Rise of Iron expansion. Our guide hub will have everything you need to take advantage of all of the new content in Rise of Iron, although be sure to have a lot of Legendary Marks prior to taking part in the expansion.

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