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Madden NFL 17 glitch alerts defenses if run or pass is coming

It's like the Patriots and spygate ... in the game.


Madden NFL can be pretty competitive. So finding out there is a glitch in the game that allows the defense to know what play you are going to call before it happens can be, well, pretty maddening. It's like the developers unintentionally put the Patriots' Spygate into he game.

The glitch (via US Gamer) affects pass plays, and shows names under the receivers. If a run is called, no names show up under the players. Defenses that want to exploit the glitch can immediately shift to stuff a run, or put extra defenders in pass coverage if they know the QB is going to let it fly. Of course, the offense can audiblize and change the play to catch a defender trying to exploit it. But for those unaware of the issue, it can turn competitive matches into rather one-sided affairs .

And then there is the glitch that allows you to score just by catching the kickoff.

No word on if there is a glitch that will underinflate footballs.

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