Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - All Codes and Passwords

True hackers come prepared with cheat sheets.


Hacking is one way to crack doors and terminals wide open in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Knowing access codes is another, and much more efficient. Our guide lists access codes according to location. You can read through it from beginning to end, or search for the name of the location where you're stuck.

One more thing: Mankind Divided is littered with hundreds of terminals and computers. As such, we'll mark this guide a work in progress and add new codes as we find them.


Rooftop Level 2 - Storage Room, code 4801

Penthouse 1B - Atrium Door, code 0682


33 Hlavni Apartments:

Mini-Storage, code 4227

Mini-Storage, code 2913

Apartment 201, code 6864

Allison Complex:

4rth Floor, code 0011


Cellar Door, code 5622

Dvali Restricted Zone [South Map]:

Locked Door, code 0311

Government Registration Office:

Computer, password Samithedog

Terminal, code 6788

Konycky & Hracky:

Alley Safe, code 2489

L.I.M.B. Clinic:

Locked Door, code 4464

Helipad Area:

Locked Door, code 4465

Palisade Property Bank:

Evan Prybil Security, code 0310

VIP Vault (Room B, Row 06), code 5545

Account [Checking Out the Men in Charge], code 1363

Palisade Sewer:

Level 3 Terminal, code 1363

Level 4 Safe, code 4863

Palisade Station:

Mini-Storage, code 2565

Level 3 Room, code 0666

Poor Apartments (Adam’s Apartment Building):

Apartment 22, code 0310

Svobody Beer Hub

Cellar Door, code 1015

Tech Noir:

Storage, code 2469

Time Machine:

Alley Mini-Storage, code 1984

Toy Factory [Restricted Zone]:

Mini-Storage Safe, code 2489

Tubehouse Electronics Store:

Door Lock, code 0310

TF29 Headquarters

Office Outside the Shooting Range

Safe, code 2023

IT Support Office

Terminal, code 5545

Duncan Macready’s Office

Computer, password Sharp007

Peter Chang’s Office

Computer, password Aphasia5689

Vincent Black’s Office

Computer, password Origami1970

Golem City

ARC Restricted Area

Mini-storage, code 2544

Room 350420, password Vm451

Dr. Martine’s Home

Safe, code 9990

Exterior Area

Bridge Terminal, code 3354

Social Hub Floor 3

Police Barrack, code 2232

Locked Door, code 2046

Medical Storage, code 6123


Apex Centre

CSO Office, Floor 7, code 5395

VIP Room, Floor 2, code 2202

The information found in this guide was pulled from our personal experience with the game, as well as additional resources including our friends at Gameranx.

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