Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Where To Find Edward

Press 'X' to Edward. Oops - wrong game.


Through your adventure in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you’re going to come across a variety of missions. Early on, you’ll come across The Golden Ticket Side Mission located in Prague during the day at a fake police checkpoint.

If you’re having trouble with The Golden Ticket Side Mission, especially where the heck Edward is located, we’re here to help.

I’ve Got a Golden Ticket!

The Golden Ticket Side Quest starts off when Adam Jensen comes across a shady-looking police checkpoint. The officer at the checkpoint, named Drahomir, will inform you that our pass is no longer valid and that you’ll need a new piece of documentation, one that requires a fee to create. You’re given three options at this point: show the police you mean business by killing them, pay a one-time 700 units fee to pass, or you could meet the “document agent.”

Choosing to meet the document agent will point you in the direction of a courtyard behind an apartment building in Prekazka, which you’ll then find yourself inside an old toy factory. You’ll need to speak to the man at the corner, who will then tell you he’ll put your name on a list so Milena can create a special pass for you. Of course, it’s at an outrageous price.

You’re once again given a choice to either murder everyone involved or to attempt to bust open this obvious scheme. If you choose to take the sneaking angle, you’re presented with a couple of options: you to enter a second story window just over the gate in restricted territory and attempt to survive all of the guards and security or you can smash down a weak wall in the area in order to make your way right to Milena. If you choose to help her, she’ll give you a passcode to her safe just found on the other side of the vent.

Drahomir, Edward, and Irenka, Oh My!

Head back to Drahomir and find a female police office just left to the checkpoint. Tell her what’s been going on so she can take matters into her own hands. Once the phony officers are taken out, you need to look for both Edward and Irenka. Irenka can be found near a checkpoint at the Vincent van Aug gallery store.

Edward, on the other hand, has been rather difficult to find, especially since his waypoint isn’t correctly displayed. To find Edward, head to the minimart on the other side of the Fountain District subway station. When you find Edward, you’re going to have to take out a thug that wants to take him out.

Congratulations! You’ve just found one of the hardest NPCs in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Celebrate by continuing on with the mission to then earn your Completionist experience bonus.

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