Square Enix apparently misleads with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order bonus

Square Enix has apparently mislead its customers as they can only use their pre-order bonus once, instead of multiple times across different saves.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided officially released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this week, but it appears all is not well in the land of PCs. First, we learned the PC version had a number of issues, causing its Steam rating to dropped in the Mixed rating, and today we’re learning Square Enix has apparently mislead its customers in regards to the game’s pre-order downloadable content.

The pre-order bonus for the PC version offered the Covert Agent Pack, which included access to some weapons, outfits, and consumable upgrades. Square Enix previously indicated these items could be redeemed more than once to be used in future saves, although shortly after Deus Ex’s release, the publisher renamed the pre-order bonus to the “Augmented Covert Agent Consumables Pack.”

With this change, the original Covert Agent Pack has become a single-use “consumable” pack. This means those who pre-ordered Dues Ex: Mankind Divided can only use this bonus content once and can never use them again for any future game saves.

There’s currently a Reddit thread filled with customers who feel like they’ve been cheated due to Square Enix not being more transparent about its pre-order bonus limitations. Shortly after the thread popped up, an Eidos Montreal community manager responded to attempt to clarify what the pack is supposed to offer:

“Consumables (Praxis Kits, Ammo, Credits, Crafting Parts) are one-time use items. They will be in the storage section of your inventory, until you decide to add them to it. Once you do, they will be 'consumed' in your current playthrough, and not re-usable. Consumables work the way they do due to first party constraints.

Durables (Weapons, Skins, Augmentations) are not one-time use. They will automatically be available in all of your playthroughs, once you have downloaded and installed them.”

Even with this explanation, Deus Ex players still have a legitimate complaint to raise against Square Enix considering there was never a mention of any of the items being “consumable” prior to launch. To change the way these pre-order bonus items work after releasing the game appears to be a bit underhanded. Hopefully, Square Enix changes it mind on how the Covert Agent Pack works, or at least fixes its bug that doesn't allow pre-order DLC guns to become available across additional saves.

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