How to get Antimatter in No Man's Sky Beyond

Everything you need to know to get your hands-on Antimatter, an important component needed for Hyperspace travel in No Man's Sky.


No Man’s Sky has changed quite a lot since the game’s original release, but a few things have remained constant throughout. While the ways you acquire it have evolved a bit, getting your hands on Antimatter is still a very important part of the journey in No Man’s Sky, even in the latest update. In this guide we’ll talk about Antimatter, what it does, and even go over all the ways that you can get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky Beyond.

What is Antimatter?

Before we discuss finding it, let’s talk a little bit about this important resource. Antimatter is a key component used to craft Warp Cells in No Man’s Sky. Warp Cells are then used to fuel your Hyperdrive, an important travel mechanic in your starship. Finding Antimatter out in the wild is a bit difficult, though it has been known to happen in previous versions of the game. However, crafting it is by far your best bet in No Man’s Sky Beyond, which means you’re going to need to acquire a few handy items.

How to get Antimatter in No Man's Sky
Antimatter is a key component in traveling and exploring in No Man's Sky.

How to get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky Beyond

There are a couple of ways to get Antimatter in No Man’s Sky. First, you’ll acquire your very first Antimatter through the main journey. After you fix up your Hyperdrive, you’ll be tasked with exploring the stars. Head off-planet and scan the area to pull up a marker on your HUD. Head to your marker and you’ll find an abandoned building with a single Antimatter inside.

However, after this, you’re going to need to purchase Antimatter yourself at one of the Galactic Trade Terminals, or you can craft it using the Antimatter recipe. The recipe itself is found after you warp to a new system, and while you can purchase it from the Galactic Trade Terminals, it can sometimes be much easier to grab the supplies yourself and just craft it.

Antimatter is a vital component of your journey in No Man’s Sky and knowing exactly how to craft it will be key. Now that you know how to get Antimatter, head back over to our No Man’s Sky guide and walkthrough, where you’ll find a ton of other useful information to keep you busy as you explore the world of No Man’s Sky Beyond.

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