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Here are all of Hearthstone's 'One Night in Karazhan' cards

Read all about Hearthstone's next single-player adventure and see the full card line-up!


Blizzard's "One Night in Karazhan" Adventure launches on August 11, for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

This single-player expansion will take you to Karazhan, a notable locale in Warcraft lore. However, instead of the gloomy tower World of Warcraft fans are familiar with, this takes place years earlier, when Medivh, the Guardian of Karazhan, invites the denizens of Azeroth to a magical party. You arrive an hour before the party begins to discover that Medivh has gone missing, and the adventure follows you and Medivh's butler, Moroes, searching for the host while keeping the party under control.

What's an Adventure? A Hearthstone "Adventure" is a piece of single-player content. One Night in Karazhan is the fourth such Adventure, after Curse of Naxxramus, Blackrock Mountain, and League of Explorers.

Instead of challenging other human players, Blizzard has designed specialized challenges against boss characters and environments. Rather than opening cards from randomized packs, you earn them as rewards as you make your way through the adventure. If you purchase the full adventure and complete all the missions, you're guaranteed to earn all of the cards.

How many cards does it add? One Night in Karazhan adds 45 cards in total. Two of those (Enchanted Raven, Firelands Portal) will be available for free as a prologue mission. The rest will be split among four wings, which are purchasable individually or as a full set. Purchasing the full Adventure during its launch week will also earn you a Karazhan-themed card back.

How much will it cost? Like all Hearthstone Adventures, One Night in Karazhan is purchasable with real money or in-game gold. Individually, each wing will cost $6.99, or 700 Gold. All four wings packaged together will cost $19.99, and is not available with in-game gold.

All of the Cards: 

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