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Chattycast 102: Don't Fear the Reaper Player

Doctor Games is another year older, so this whole show is an excuse to remind him that the black dream awaits.


This week saw the advent of Doctor Games' birthday, marking another full year of careening toward his inevitable grim reward. To mark the occasion in the most macabre way possible, we thought we'd spend some time talking about the icy embrace of death, which Bryan is now one step closer to. 

Specifically, this week the Chattycast talks about how video games handle death--both as a game mechanic and story element. Is "death" an outdated notion from the quarter-munching arcade days, or is it still a valuable tool for negative feedback? What deaths in video game stories are most memorable to you? Does the existence and constancy of "death" as a game mechanic undermine the narrative impact when it happens for story purposes? 

(And wish Bryan a Happy Mortality Reminder Day!) 

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