Overwatch's Sombra leaked prior to official reveal [Update: Ana confirmed!]

A thumbnail of Sombra's official reveal trailer has been leaked, giving us further proof Pharah's mom is coming soon.


Update: It appears Blizzard chose today to reveal Sombra, who is called Ana in Overwatch. Here are her origins and her gameplay videos:

A new Overwatch hero will soon be announced, but it appears Sombra has been leaked prior to her official debut on July 21.

The support sniper named Sombra appears to be the next Overwatch hero that will be unveiled later this month. An image of a thumbnail on China’s Youku video streaming site has been discovered on the Overwatch subreddit, which clearly shows who we believe to be Sombra based on teaser images previously released of her.

The image also has a subtitle underneath the image of Sombra, which translates to  “But this my mission. My duty”. The subtitle gives us a hint as to some kind of conflict Sombra will have during her debut trailer.

If you haven’t been following Overwatch’s incredible backstory, it’s believed that Sombra is Phara’s mother, Ana Amari, based on the similar clothing and weaponry they both use. Even though Ana disappeared under “mysterious circumstances”, theoretically, she could still be alive or have been brought back from near-death, like Soldier: 76, Reaper, and Genji.

Speaking of Reaper, he makes mention of Sombra in the game through an interaction, which he says “Where is Sombra when you need her?”, which may point to her being a villain. Given Pharah’s alliance with Overwatch, this could make quite the conflict between her and her mother.

(h/t Lik Chan)

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