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How to Get Great Balls in Pokemon Go

Looking to increase your chances of catching high CP Pokemon? Grab yourself a Great Ball.


If you’ve ever played a typical Pokemon game, then you’re probably already used to the idea of the Great Ball, a more powerful Poke Ball that is needed to catch higher level Pokemon. Niantic’s geolocation-based Pokemon story isn’t any different, and as you level up and meet new Pokemon, with higher CP, you’re going to need to use a lot more Poke Balls to ensure your catch those pesky wild Pokemon. But how do you get Great Balls? And where can you find them at? This guide will show you everything you need to know to grab yourself some Great Balls, and catch that overly strong Pokemon you keep running into in your backyard.

Pokemon Go has already been a huge hit, sending Nintendo's stock through the roof since it's release last week.

The first thing you need to do is level up. Sadly Great Balls are hidden behind a level cap, and you’ll need to level yourself up to level 12 if you want to unlock them. Once you hit level 12, you’ll automatically be granted several Great Balls to get started with, just like you were given Poke Balls to use when you first started. You’ll also start to find Great Balls at Pokestops, which will be random items added to the list of items you can obtain from the location-based coin flips.

Sadly there isn’t any real way to guarantee getting Great Balls after you hit level 12, and there doesn’t appear to be any way to buy them using Poke Coins, yet. Whether this factor remains or not is yet to be determined, as Niantic could very well add in new ways to get these items with the game’s next patch. But if you’re struggling to catch a Pokemon, and you haven’t obtained any Great Balls yet, focus on leveling your character up to level 12 by beating gyms, capturing Pokemon, and hatching more eggs using your incubator. Then, once you’ve scored yourself a few of those precious Great Balls, you can head back to wherever you were having trouble, and nab that Pokemon without even breaking a sweat.

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