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Inside: How to Get the Secret Ending

Learn how to open up the mysterious vault door underneath the cornfield, and trigger a secret ending.


Inside is an interesting experience, to say the least, and alongside several secret orbs, a hidden secret ending has been specially crafted into the game. In order to unlock this secret ending, however, you will need to accomplish a few things, and this guide will help you unlock the game’s hidden ending.

The first step to unlocking the secret ending is to find and destroy all fourteen of the secret orbs hidden throughout the game’s many levels. Don’t fret too much about that, as we’ve written up a really handy guide to help you find all fourteen orbs and collectibles.

Once you have destroyed all the orbs, and deactivated the final one, you will notice that the light board in the back of the room with the giant sphere is now dark, save for one light. This is an indicator to return to the location of the second orb, which can be found in the bunker underneath the cornfield. Go ahead and load up that checkpoint, and then make your way into the bunker once more.

After arriving in the bunker, take note of the closed vault door to you right. This is the door you need to get past, and to open it up you’re going to need to solve one of the eeriest and most challenging puzzles of the game. You should also take note of a switch in front of the vault door. Before this switch was inactive, however, now that you have activated and destroyed all the orbs, it is active and be used with the Action Button.

You can pull the switch in three different directions, Up, Left, and Right. A pull in each direction will warrant a different ominous tone. You might recognize these tones from the tape recorder that was playing near the fifth secret orb. You will actually need to use the tones from that recorder to activate the switch, and unlock the door. If you don’t want to bother going back through and jotting it down yourself, the sequence is as follows:

Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Left

After playing this on the switch, the bunker door will open, and you can follow the long tunnel to a room with a rather peculiar secret ending. We aren’t sure what it means, but that’s the beauty of these things. In the end, it is all left up to each player’s own interpretations.

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