E3 2016: Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay Showcases Bows, Taming, and More

Tonight during their E3 briefing, Sony showcased new gameplay from their upcoming RPG, Horizon: Zero Dawn.


Horizon: Zero Dawn's futuristic world of mechanical dinosaurs took over the stage once more this year, showcasing over eight minutes of new gameplay in the RPG's beautiful and strange futuristic world. The gameplay followed the protagonist as she headed out into the game world in search of supplies, which forced her to face down against several different beasts along the way. Along the way the Shadow Hunter, as the protagonist seems to be called, showcased her special gear and weapons, like her bow, a gun that can tie creatures down, and even something that allows her to tame some of the mechanical creatures she meets along the way. 

The gameplay was brought to a close with an interesting and very intense boss fight, which forced the player to use their entire arsenal to bring it down. The game also appears to feature some kind of technology that the player can tap into, but there isn't really a whole lot of information known about the characters, the world, or the story behind it all

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