Doom: How to Find the Argent Cells

Find these cells and you're on the way toward fully upgrading the Doomguy. 


Yet another collectible to be found in the all-new Doom, Argent Cells allow the player to instantly upgrade health, armor, and the amount of ammunition Doomguy carries. Here’s your guide to getting Doomguy completely maxed out.

Cell #1 – Resource Operations

The first cell collected in the game is easily encountered and cannot be missed while going along with the main objective path.

Cell #2 – Foundry

Drop off the main path from the Foundry’s above walkways, right before the maintenance hallways. Follow the walkways to a dead-end corner, and you’ll find the cell to the left of the maze.

Cell #3 – Argent Facility

The cell in the Argent Facility is located off the main hub in the map. Continue forward until you reach the blue force field gate and floating transport vehicle. From there, locate and enter into the building labeled “Cargo.” In there, make your way to the far right back corner and follow the path to the Argent Cell’s container.

Cell #4 – Argent Energy Tower

Pass by the locker room (where you obtain the double-jump upgrade), and continue until you reach a platform beneath some massive pipes. Make your way above these pipes and look around the room above the lockers to locate the cell.

Cell #5 – Argent Energy Tower

As you continue ascending the tower, make your way to the control room, where you can activate a terminal and dispatch flying drones. There’s a pathway to an Argent Cell in this room.

Cell #6 – Kandingir Sanctum

Like the first Argent Cell, you’ll stumble across this one after opening the blue skull door while on the main campaign path.

Argent Cell #7 – Argent Facility (Destroyed)

Begin backtracking from the helipad until you reach a large spire platform. Double-jump to reach the top of this platform, and you’ll find the cell.

Argent Cell #8 – Argent Facility (Destroyed)

This ones’ another freebie you’ll encounter merely by going along the critical path. It is in the security room, alongside the terminal Doomguy has to activate.

Argent Cell #9 – Advanced Research Complex

There’s a force field blocking the Doomguy that must be activated in order to proceed. Deactivate it, and then enter the bottomless pit filled with platforms. Look left and you’ll see a horizontal white pipe connected to a small alcove. You’ll find the argent cell nearby.

Argent Cell #10 – Lazarus Labs

Visit Olivia Pierce’s personal office to locate this Argent Cell.

Argent Cell #11 – Titan’s Realm

Enter a room made up of hallway entrances and poisonous green floors. Locate the Elite Guard in this area and activate the skull switch near the corpse. A door will open up across the room, through which you’ll find this cell.

Argent Cell #12 – The Necropolis

Enter the Data Log room downstairs from the initial teleporter. Turn left to find the Data Log room, enter, and you’ll see the Argent Cell in the corner of the room. 

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