Chattycast 96: E3 20XX in New Los Angeles

With all these changes coming to E3 this year, what does the future of the event even look like? We play soothsayer!


E3 is only weeks away, but already it appears this year will have a very different feel than previous years. Several big publishers have pulled out entirely, the press conferences are spreading to earlier in the week, and the event is opening itself up (slightly) to the public. In the span of a year, E3 has changed dramatically. So what about five years?

This week, the Chattycast gazes into its crystal ball and tries to predict the E3 of the future. Given current trends, where is this show going? Will the future include expensive booths? Press-only demos? Will it move out of the LA Convention Center again? How can and should the media adapt to a show that is slowly taking its messaging directly to fans?

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