Doom: Find all 36 Elite Guards

An in-depth guide helping you locate all of the Elite Guard corpses scattered throughout Doom's campaign to get you some Praetor upgrades. 


Like the weapons in doom, the Doomguy’s Praetor suit can be upgraded and improved through collecting a series of Praetor upgrade points. To find these, you’ll have to take them off the corpses of Elite Guards. These are, of course, scattered throughout Doom’s campaign.
*Note: In total, there are 36 Praetor points up for grabs.*

• The Elite Guard corpse in the UAC is located beyond the blue door. Defeat the enemies within and venture down the upper path in the room. The corpse will be at the end, leaning against the wall.

Resource Operations
• Collect the yellow key card, and then return to the security station. Open the door to the station and interact with the terminal inside. An entry located between the station and the gore nest will open up, revealing an Elite Guard inside.
• Unlock the doors in the security station, and then return to the place where you originally collected the yellow card. A new door to the right will have opened. Enter, turn left, crawl through the vent in the room, and you’ll enter the room adjacent to the yellow door. The guard will be leaning against the forklift.
• Open the doors in the VEGA security room, enter into the next room, and turn left. The guard will be located in the small room at the end, through the corridor.

• Walk into the corridor near the field drone and enter the door. Making two right turns, come to the collapsed bridge, descend to the bottom walkway, and climb into the end. The corpse is in the attached room.
• Enter the yellow door area and head to the crates stacked on each other off to the side. Climb up, and you’ll find the Elite Guard inside.
• The Elite Guard corpse will be at the end of the level, through the big doors.

Argent Facility
• Look for a small ledge hidden to the right of a large blue structure. The corpse is inside.
• Jump down from the edge when en route to the cooling facility. The path below will be rocky and eventually leads to a guard corpse.
• Before destroying the Argent filter, turn to face the semicircle part of the arena and step onto the ground to its right. The guard is at the end to our left. You will have to jump up and grab a ledge.
• The last guard in the Facility is tucked away behind some crates on the left of the second gore nest.

Argent Energy Tower
• Cross the bridge, watch the cut scene, and jump down to the platform on the right. The guard will just be hanging out there.
• The Elite Guard corpse here is tucked in the dead end opposite of the main path direction of the curvy corridor.
• Make your way to the upper level of the tower, and then use the battery track to get to the above level. While jumping up the shaft, check behind the middle pillar at the top for the guard.

Kandingir Sanctum
• Open the yellow door and the guard will be directly to the right.
• Enter the blue door, bypass the objective marker, turn right at the end of the path, and jump across to the smaller land mass across the way. Follow the path and you’ll find the guard.
• Open the blue door and the large door. After this, you will enter an arena with pools of blood in the room beneath. Clear it out, ascend the steps across the room from where you entered, double jump past the yellow launch pad, and the guard will be at the end.
• Just beyond the pit full of demons fighting each other, turn right. The guard will be propped up on the arena wall.

Argent Facility (Destroyed)
• Fall into the hole of the roof after some platforming. The guard is inside the room, directly behind you.
• Make your way to the rea beneath the security station. Jump on the crates near a rocky ledge with a rue, go to the edge while facing backward, double-jump onto the below platform, and you’ll find the guard at the right end of the pipe.
• Open the airlock in the security station, engage the demons inside, and then jump using the jump pad and you’ll find the guard in the above area.
• Get the yellow key, drop down from the elevator shaft, jump to the opening below, and you’ll find the guard inside.

Advanced Research Complex
• Enter the women’s restroom, step on the sinks, and jump into the ceiling hatch. The guard is located through the passageway, on the floor of the below room.
• Exit the service elevator and turn left. You’ll see the guard leaning on crates toward the end.
• Come out of the ventilation shafts outside the BFG labs, then turn left and you’ll see the guard through the door, inside a small room.

Lazarus Labs
• Fight demons in the container room, then enter a dimly-lit ret vent. Climb the above ledge, jump into the opposite shaft, kick the grating through, and you’ll find the guard inside.
• Open the large doors wedged between the exits of the med bay fight to find the second guard.
• Activate the healing stone, and then jump into the pit located in the center of the same room.
• Activate the Energy Refractor, enter the doors, and make a right into the small room. Climb into the gap of the wall, and you’ll find the guard below.
• Come out of the ventilation shafts outside the BFG labs, then turn left and you’ll see the guard through the door, inside a small room.

Titan’s Realm
• Clear the room filled with Cacodemons and Lost Souls, then jump to the square platform flanking the bridge. Drop down, activate the skull switch below, run to the right of the room, and you’ll find the guard in a little cave.
• Collect the yellow skull, drop into the slimy area below, turn left, and the guard is leaning to the right in the next room.

The Necropolis
• Use the blue skull, then drop down the holes, then jump from stone to stone on the floating stone walkway. The guard will be to your right by the entrance.
• After fighting in the area containing the Barons of Hell, the Cyber-Mancubi, and Specters, the guard will be to the left of the doorway.

Vega Central Processing
• Pass through the opening airlock and you’ll find the guard in an alcove to the right.
• Enter the Sector P Access storage room, and you’ll find the guard’s body ahead.
• Clear the station of demons, board the cargo lift, turn to face the opposite direction, and jump down. The guard will be hidden away underneath.

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