Chattycast 95: Don't Worry, Loves! The Chattycast's Here!

The Chattycast gives in to one of its host's demands and devotes an entire show to Blizzard's latest.


Hey everyone. It’s me, Bryan, AKA Doctor Games. I’m writing the Big Topic this week. Where’s Steve, you ask? Don’t worry about it. Also don’t check the broom closet, no matter how much muffled yelling and clattering you hear. It’s just ghosts. Ghosts who won’t listen to insightful suggestions.

Anyway, since this week is the launch of Overwatch, a game I have turned a critical eye toward and found to be the single most important video game story of the year, I have declared editorial fiat in making this week’s Chattycast all about Blizzard’s first fully new IP in years. But rather than just spend the entire show talking about how great the game is – and I could certainly do that – I figured it’d be interesting to cast Overwatch in the larger context of the genre.

Could this be the hallmark of truly cooperative shooters? What does the popularity of a game that does not track the traditional K/D stats mean for improving the often toxic nature of online gaming communication? Are hero-based shooters in which you learn classes and characters like fighting game combatants the next big thing?

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