How to Find the Assault Marine Combat Armor in Fallout 4

Arm yourself with the most powerful armor in all of the Wasteland.


Bethesda has added all kinds of new and nifty things for players to check out. The Marine Combat armor is their newest armor addition, and it is the strongest set of armor that players can equip, aside from a Power Armor suit. So how do you get this sweet new armor set? This guide will walk you through the entire process, including all the requirements you’ll need to meet.

If you haven’t started the Far Harbor DLC yet, you’ll want to go ahead and do that. Having problems starting? We wrote up a quick and easy guide on how to get started in the new Far Harbor DLC.

Once you’ve started up the DLC, you will need to progress to the point of retrieving all the memories in the questline Best Left Forgotten. This will give you access to several locations on the map that you will need to visit to further the questline. Retrieving Memory 0Y-8K7D during this quest will unlock a Miscellaneous quest titled Find the Marine Combat Armor Shipments. This is your cue to gear up and get ready for some old fashioned adventuring.

The first thing you’ll want to do is head to Rayburn Point. It’s up along the northwestern coast of The Island, and is another location that will have been revealed on your map during your retrieval of DiMA’s memories from the Nucleus.

Once you arrive at Rayburn Point, look southwest on your map to locate the waypoint set by tagging the armor quest. Now you’ll need to swim out to the marker to find a storage container with a chest containing the armor. We suggest bringing a Hazmat Suit along (you should already have one while exploring Far Harbor and The Island anyway), to protect you from the radiation.

Looting the chest here will reward you with the Assault Marine Armor Chest Piece and the Assault Marine Armor Helmet.

Now it’s time to grab the next few pieces. Pull up your Pip-boy map and locate the Children of Atom Shrine that you had to visit during your initiation into the Children of Atom.

Fast Travel here, and then head southwest towards the waypoint of the next armor piece location. Once you arrive at the shore, hop into the water and swim out until you locate this boat rising from the surface.

You’ll need to swim inside the boat and loot the container within to grab the Assault Marine Armor Left Leg and the Assault Marine Armor Right Leg.

With most of the armor parts in your inventory, it’s time to visit the final location in this quest, and pick up the last remaining two pieces, the Assault Marine Armor Left Arm and the Assault Marine Armor Right Arm. Pull up your Pip-boy map and locate the Grand Harbor Hotel, which you had to visit to find the Nuclear Key for the submarine in the Nucleus.

Once you arrive, make your way out into the water towards the waypoint marker on your compass. When you arrive, dive to the bottom and interact with the container, which is resting near a flashing beacon, and loot the armor to obtain the final two pieces.

With the quest completed, and the armor now in your care, it’s time to show it off to the world. We recommend running the Marine Wet Suit, which is found with the first two pieces of the armor near Rayburn Point, with the set, as it blends better than more colorful items like the Vault Suit.

Congratulations, you are now equipped with the stronger armor you can wear outside of Power Armor. Time to take out all those Trappers and Gulpers that have been giving you a hard time.

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