The Division 1.2 update adds stashes to DZ checkpoints, scavenging system tweaks, and more

In its latest State of the Game, Massive Entertainment has revealed some upcoming changes to The Division.


Another week is nearly over, which means both Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have some new information regarding the state of The Division, including addressing cheaters and hackers, ISAC.exe assignments, and more.

Cheaters and hackers are still a high priority for Massive. During this week’s State of the Game stream, the studio revealed those who have been banned from the first wave of 14 day bans are returning to The Division while a new wave of bans has gone out. To help curtail cheaters and hackers, Massive has prepared improved detection methods.

ISAC.exe assignments will also be slightly tweaked as they will now reset on Thursday and will be separate from weekly assignments. Completing these special assignments will reward Agents with unique vanity items.

Massive is working on increasing the size of an Agent’s stash, but it won’t be included in the upcoming patch 1.2 as this change will require a client update. A 500 slot backpack was also suggested, although having that large of a backpack would require a lot of bandwidth to sync server and client data. The technical team is working on a way to support a larger stash in a way that wouldn’t cause as much strain.

Changes to Cutting the Rope have also been made, causing the rogue timer to start as soon as Agents begin to channel it. Channel timers for both Cutting the Rope and Supply Drops will suffer from greater pushback from taking damage.

Other additional changes being implemented in update 1.2 includes reworking the scavenging system to be more useful, adding stashes to DZ checkpoints, and the addition of toggle aim. Agents should also look forward to being able to rebrand the Alt key on the PC version, a fixed auto-aim system, NPCs reciting their lines less frequently in the BoO, and Level 34 Shotgunners and Snipers’ damage getting nerfed.

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