How to Start the Far Harbor DLC in Fallout 4

Find out how to get started on your next big quest, and make it to the island and the city of Far Harbor.


Fallout 4's DLC so far has been simple addons. An additional questline introduced players to building robots, and then the last update added the capturing of wasteland creatures. But Far Harbor is Fallout 4's first really big DLC, and with it comes an entirely new area to explore, as well as new enemies and allies to contend with. But how do you get this new questline started? And how do you make your way to the new environment and city of Far Harbor? This guide will walk you through the process to get your next journey started.

Before you can start the Far Harbor DLC, there are a few requirements you'll need to have met. Firstly, you must have met and worked with Nick Valentine. The quest begins as a new case with his detective agency, so as far as we can tell, you will have need to have made it to Diamond City and rescued him. We aren't sure of any level requirements quite yet, however, we would suggest a level of at least 15-25 before starting the DLC up.

Once you've met the requirements it is time to pick up the first part of this new questline. The new quest, Far From Home, requires you to first listen to Valetine's Detective Agency Radio. So open up your Pip-boy, click the radio tab, and listen to the message left by Valentine's assitant, Ellie. 

Now you'll need to head to Diamond City and talk to Ellie in person to get the rest of the information regarding this new case. After chatting with Ellie you will need to head up north towards the edge of the northeastern corner of the map (along the coast). Here you will find the Nakano Residence.

Head inside the building and talk to Mr. Nakano to get more details on the quest.

From here you will just need to follow the quest objectives and Investigate the Nakano Residence (this includes the massive building outside and to the left of the house). To help you on your journey we have provided the locations of each Holotape below. 

The first Holotape is found in the living room.

The second can be found in the kitchen.

This Holotape is found on the dresser in the upstairs hall.

The fourth Holotape is found upstairs in Kasumi's room.

The final Holotape can be found in the Boathouse Safe, which can be unlocked with a key which you can find by searching the photo frame with the lighthouse image inside.

Once you have found and listened to all the Holotapes, you will learn that Kasumi has run off to Far Harbor, in search of a group of Synths. Speak to her father, Mr. Nakano, to gain access to his boat. Take the boat the Far Harbor. 

Upon arrival in Far Harbor, your quest will complete and a new quest will be added to the Data tab on your Pip-boy. Speak to Captain Avery to continue the questline.

You're on your own from here Wastelander. There are many new enemies, secrets, and allies to find scattered across the island that lies behind Far Harbor's gates. Be wary of strangers as you make your way through these fog-ridden wastes. You never know what might be lying in wait for you.

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