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Doom 2016: All Secrets, Classic Map Locations, and Elite Guards

Doom is riddled with cool secrets and hidden objects to find. Among these secrets are 26 Funko-styled Doom Marine models.


Doom 2016 has been a hit surprise for gamers everywhere. id Software has done such a good job with the game, even hiding hidden secrets that point back to the older Doom games that have made them such a fan-loved company. In this reboot of the demon-slaying series, id has taken careful precautions to give the players everything they want, including a ton of hidden secrets and collectibles to look for as they make their way across the mars installation of the UAC in an attempt to save the universe from Hell's unforgiving forces. Originally this guide was meant to serve as a central hub for all of this information, however, due to the massive amount of items to be found, we decided to group things up more accordingly.

How to Find All 26 Doomguy Collectibles

You can visit our complete guide to all 26 Doomguy models, which features both written and visual guides to help you get started.

How to Find All 13 Classic Maps

We have also pinpointed all 13 Classic Map locations, as well as written a guide on how to find each entrance and its lever so you can unlock these classical gore-filled masterpieces.

Find all 36 Elite Guards

What's more, you can use our complete guide to all 36 Elite Guards to earn yourself all the hidden Praetor Suit upgrade tokens, as well as boost your own arsenal with some nifty and epic upgrades.

For your convenience, we have also left our Level and Level 2 videos up so that you can follow along with us as we showcase the locations of all the secrets and items in those levels. Hopefully we'll have more videos showcasing all the hidden secrets in the game, coming soon.



This first secret can be found just after you reach the door requiring a Blue Keycard. Take the path to the right of the door. Follow it around to find a box that you can climb onto. The Blue Keycard for the door can also be found on a corpse in this area. It is leaning against the box you need to climb on to to claim this secret. Climb on to the box and then jump to the nearby ledge, climbing up to find a toy model of the Doom Marine. Pick it up to claim it.


This Elite Guard can be found just after the Automap machine as you fight your way to turn the power back on. Head down the path to the left of the machine to find this Elite Guard lying against the rockface, dead. Interact with him to claim this upgrade point.


You can unlock the Entryway map for Doom II by locating a door in the world that looks like a hidden panel with white all over it. Then you'll need to look for a lever that is hidden in the environment. These can be fairly tricky to find, so keep your eyes open as you look for it. To find this lever, turn away from the door, and look on your left to spot the lever hidden behind some supports for a nearby platform. Follow the supports around to find an opening that you can enter through.

Once you've opened the door, head inside and kill all the enemies to unlock the full playable level in the Main Menu area of the game.


This Funko style collectible can be found as you make your ascent to the final base location in the game. Look for a cave mouth that sprouts off from the rest of the area, and then follow it around to find this little guy waiting to be picked up near a cliff edge.



This first secret can be found just after you restore power to the area. Turn around as Olivia Pierece drones on about her plans for the future, and head towards the stairs leading back down and away from the area. Jump around halfway down and grab onto the ledge ahead to pull yourself up to a small hidden alcove. Climb into the vent, and follow it through to find a hidden room with an Armor Buff.


This Classic map can be found just after activating, and dropping through the maintenance bay doors. Take out the demons and make your way around the path. After you meat your first Demon Engineer, turn around and head back onto the platform you followed to arrive at the door hiding the Engineer. Look to your right to spot a set of stairs that lead to one of the hidden level doors. 

To find the lever for this door you will need to head back down the stairs, and turn right to head back towards the start of the level. Don't go too far, however. Jump onto the box at the corner of the walkway, and then climb up and make your way out onto the thing platform. Look to your left to spot a ledge you can jump to, and then hop onto it, and climb up to the top to find the lever.

Now head inside and kill the enemies waiting to unlock the full level on the Main Menu.


After you've found the Yellow Keycard, and deactivated the security protocols in the security booth, head back towards the door where you fought the Gore Nest before finding the keycard. Don't go through the door. Look to your right as you head down the hallway to spot a vent access panel that was locked before. Open it, and drop inside. Kill the enemies and then grab this Praetor Token to claim yourself another upgrade point.


From the previous room (because you can't exit it any other way), locate the vent access that you can reach by jumping, and climb up. After you climb up, look for a small crate in one of the darker corners of the hidden area to spot the Plasma Rifle sitting on a crate. Scoop this weapon up to add another wonderful weapon to your arsenal.


Once you have deactivated the security protocol in the security booth, head back into the room where you fought the Gore Nest, and make your way up the elevator, back to the place where you found the Yellow Keycard. You should notice that a door, which was previous locked, is now unlocked. Head inside that door. Don't jump down through the open wall right in front of you. Instead you will want to follow the area around to a dead end. Turn directly around, and you should spot a vent you can crawl into.

Follow the vent and drop into the large room at the very end to find a sealed off room with a Praetor Token. Grab it, and then interact with the panel beside the door to unseal the area.


Make your way through the level until you complete your objective to reallign the satelitte array, and you are told to come to the Vega Terminal for more information. Don't head to Vega just yet, though. Head back out the room with the satelitte controls, and make your way down the elevator. Once outside, take out any enemies that spawned, and then locate the stacked boxes off to your right. Climb up them, and jump to the ledge above, following it to your right until you can turn around and jump to another ledge.

Follow this small ledge a few steps to find an area you can climb on the right side. Climb to the roof of the building, and head straight for the back of the area to find a small alcove hiding this little toy model. Collect it for a nice little fist bump action.


Continue towards the Vega Terminal until you have to activate a panel to unseal and area. Once this happens, turn around and head back into the previous room, and look to your left to find a green-lit door which you can now pass through. Head inside, jump up to the next door, and then kill the demon in the far room to spot an Elite Guard laying against the far wall. Grab it before continuing through the mission.


To find this toy model you will need to head to the Vega Terminal. Once you are standing outside it, turn to your left and spot the stacked crates. Climb up them, and follow the path to a hidden area with this little Doom guy just waiting to be picked up.


It's impossible to miss this Argent Cell, as it is part of the game's story progression. Head inside the Vega Terminal room to be gifted this upgrade item. This will also unlock other Argent Cells in the game's levels, which will allow you to ugprade your Doom Marine even more.

Upgrade your arsenal with the all-new BFG 9000. Not sure where to find it? Let us help.

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