Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - All Optional Conversations, Gift of Gab Trophy

Find all 36 Optional Conversations in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


Uncharted 4 is filled with all kinds of snarky lines and interesting comebacks as our heroes struggle to find the famed treasure of the pirate captain, Henry Avery. Along the way there are 36 optional conversations which players can trigger to not only gain more insight into the characters around them, but also to help bring the interactions of the characters to life in even bigger ways than before. This guide will showcase the location of each Optional Conversation, as well as the triggers you’ll need to meet to access them. Grabbing all 36 conversations will reward players with the Gift of Gab trophy.

Alongside these 36 optional conversations, over 100 pieces of Treasure are hidden throughout the game. Use our complete Treasure locations guide to learn more about those Treasures and where you can find them.


No conversations.

1. The Lure of Adventure

No conversations.

2. Infernal Place

No conversations.

3. The Malaysia Job - 2 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #1: This first conversation can be had with the dock workers next to the massive trailer after you surface from the river’s bottom and arrive on the barge. Speak with the worker to the left of the pallet of crates to check this conversation off the list.

Optional Conversation #2: To nab this optional conversation, head up the steps just ahead of where Nate drops off the trailer on the barge to find another worker leaning against the rails. It’s a pretty funny interaction, so make sure you don’t miss it. If you aren’t fast enough, however, the worker might move and you’ll miss your chance to check this dialogue off the list.

4. A Normal Life

No conversations.

5. Hector Alcazar

No conversations.

6. Once a Thief… - 3 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #3: After dropping into the lemon grove behind the manor, make your way down the hill and talk to Sam.

Optional Conversation #4: This optional conversation can be nabbed by interacting with Sam right after rappelling down from the window and swinging across an archway. Drop down from the archway and speak with Sam as he kneels at the edge of the cliff.

Optional Conversation #5: To nab this conversation, follow Sam out onto the balcony after you make your way into the manor. He’ll be looking out over the manor’s courtyard, so make your way to him and chat him up to check this collectible off the list.

7. Lights Out

No conversations.

8. The Grave of Henry Avery - 2 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #6: Speak with Sam after inspecting the three statues on the crosses in the hidden grave puzzle to nab this conversation and check it off the list.

Optional Conversation #7: After completing the light puzzle on the door, head up and talk to Sam Drake to gain this optional conversation, as well as a Journal Entry collectible, all at the same time.

9. Those Who Prove Worthy - 1 Optional Conversation

Optional Conversation #8: After solving the bucket puzzle, follow Sam up to the cliff and chat with him to grab this conversation.

10. The Twelve Towers - 2 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #9: Grab the Journal Entry at the signal tower that overlooks the valley beneath the area's volcano. Then talk to Sam about the Journal Entry.

Optional Conversation #10: This conversation is linked with the previous. After talking to Sam (after grabbing the Journal Entry beside the signal tower) head over and talk to Sully to get his thoughts on the Journal Entry.

11. Hidden in Plain Sight - 1 Optional Conversation

Optional Conversation #11: Play with the Lemur as you make your way through the marketplace and then Sully will make a remark about it, nabbing this optional conversation for your collection list without any real hard work.

12. At Sea - 2 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #12: Right after Sam goes missing, and you find him again, wait for him to walk over to a cliff edge with a nice view of some of the rocks and islands in the area. Walk up to him and interact with him to hear his thoughts on the view.

Optional Conversation #13: You can grab this conversation by exploring the Cistern's planning room, as well as the Provision's room, and inspecting the plaques that cover the walls. After a moment of exploration, Sam will ask Nate a question.

13. Marooned

No conversations.

14. Join Me in Paradise - 6 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #14: Right after jumping down from the ledge at the start of the chapter, talk with Sam.

Optional Conversation #15: After reaching the second floor of the tavern in the marketplace, approach the chairs to trigger an optional conversation.

Optional Conversation #16: Interact with the cutlass that is inside the Blacksmith's building to trigger a conversation with Sam about trading.

Optional Conversation #17: Examine the horse's bones in the barn and Sam will pose a question about the city's current condition, and how it might have happened.

Optional Conversation #18: When close to Avery's statues, look for a set of stocks by a wall. Sam will pose in them, giving you a perfect chance to spark up a conversation between the two Drake brothers.

Optional Conversation #19: After arriving where the settlers and pirates fought, Sam will point out a body in a buddle of water. Speak with him to learn more.

15. The Thieves of Libertalia - 2 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #20: Examine the skeletons in the back of the massive room with all the shelves to spawn a conversation with Sam about the other bodies. You must do this before fully exploring the room.

Optional Conversation #21: Sam will call Nate over to show him a discovery in the first room of the chapter. This conversation will only trigger after you completely search the room, and cannot be missed because it is part of the story.

16. The Brothers Drake - 3 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #22: Talk to Sam after reading the note in the child's room. The note can be found on the desk.

Optional Conversation #23: After picking up the book on Captain Avery and Pirate History in the greenhouse, talk to Sam.

Optional Conversation #24: After talking to Sam once about the pirate history book, talk to him again to ask a followup question about the book.

17. For Better or Worse - 6 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #25: After helping Elena reach the ladder at the start of the chapter, talk to her to check this conversation off.

Optional Conversation #26: This conversation is actually a followup to the previous conversation, and can be asked by Nate right after Elene finishes the previous conversation's dialogue.

Optional Conversation #27: This conversation is triggered when Nate and Elena first reach the pirate's elevator. 

Optional Conversation #28: After Nathan finishes his response about other places he has visited, talk to Elena a second time to trigger this conversation at the pirate elevator.

Optional Conversation #29: To trigger this  conversation, wait until both Nathan and Elena are riding the massive elevator up the cliff with the Jeep. Elena will mention that the view looks like something from a postcard.

Optional Conversation #30: While riding the elevator up the cliff with Elena, Nate can ask a followup question after Elena finishes remarking about the view's beauty.

18. New Devon - 5 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation #31: Walk just to the left of the gate at the start of the chapter to trigger this conversation.

Optional Conversation #32: Elena will read the words above a door if you walk beside the gate in the chapter's swamp area.

Optional Conversation #33: After grabbing the note beside the hanged woman's skeleton, Elena will comment on the note and the skeleton.

Optional Conversation #34: After you slide out of the house and into the water, Nate can talk to Elena while they swim around in the water.

Optional Conversation #35: Once you enter Avery's entertainment room, a conversation with Elena will trigger. Talking to her will reward you a remark about a past job.

19. Avery's Descent

No conversations.

20. No Escape

No conversations.

21. Brother's Keeper

No conversations.

22. A Thief's End

No conversations.


Optional Conversation #36: The final optional conversation can be acquired in the game's epilogue. Talk to Vicky by the boat and this conversation will trigger.

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