Dark Souls 3: Where to Find the Astora Straight Sword

Grab this early-game weapon to upgrade your arsenal of weapons in Dark Souls 3.


The Astora Straight Sword is a weapon that players can grab early on from the High Wall of Lothric, before they face off against Vordt of the Boreal Valley. The weapon features two scaling Attribute bonuses including a D in Strength and an E in Dexterity. The weapon requires 10 Strength, 10 Dexterity, and 12 Faith to wield effectively, and is extremely powerful when leveled up.

To find this weapon you’ll need to have at least progressed to the High Wall of Lothric area. Spawn in at the Tower on the Wall Bonfire and then head down the stairs and into the room with the knight. You can ignore him for the time being, and instead drop down to the next floor to your right.

Immediately turn around here and run out the doorway and up the stairs until you reach a small drop with a ladder. There are a couple of enemies here, but if you move quickly enough you should be able to make it through without any issues.

Drop off the ladder and continue forward, looking for the ladder on your right. You can take it down, or drop down and roll to avoid damage, and then immediately turn away from the Hallowed Archer and head inside the dining hall area.

You should spot a doorway ahead in the back left-hand corner of the room. Make your way to it, dodging out of the way of the knight who lumbers into the dining hall from this hallway.

There is a small alcove with some barrels that you can break by rolling into them. Roll through them and follow the small balcony around the corner to the end where you should spot another group of barrels and crates.

Roll through these crates and barrels to drop to another balcony below, where you will spot this chest waiting to be claimed.

Open it up to grab the Astora Straight Sword.

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