All Dark Souls 3 Endings and How to Obtain Them

Learn how to obtain the three different ending paths in From Software's newest title, Dark Souls 3.


The world of Dark Souls is filled with interesting lore and metaphors. In fact, the entire premise of the game is based around the cycle of life, and it's complete process of repeating things again and again. Just like previous Dark Souls games there are several different endings available for players. This guide will outline these endings and how you can obtain them. 

It should go without stating... but SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Linking of the First Flame

This is what you set out to do at the start of the game, and is your sole purpose in this world. Completing this ending will continue the cycle of life that humanity has known for so long. Sadly the continuation of this cycle means that some point down the line another unlucky hollowed undead will be tasked with carrying out your journey once more, in a new place, in a new time. This is the "best" ending of the three available.

To complete this ending you'll need to defeat the Soul of Cinder, which is the final boss in the game. Once defeated, approach the bonfire and confirm your intent to link with the first flame and sacrifice yourself to renew the light. You will become engulfed with flame and the world will continue to turn, until once more the light begins to fade and the process begins anew.

The Ending of the Fire

This ending will snuff out the First Flame and throw the world into the darkness that humanity has feared for so long. To complete this ending you'll need to have visited the Untended Graves, which is a secret and darker version of the Cemetery of Ash. Find the hidden room in the Untended Graves and bring the item you find there, the Fire Keeper Eyes, to the Fire Keeper in Firelink Shrine. She'll warn you about the danger you are about to call down upon the world.

Now it's time to complete the game and defeat the Soul of Cinder. Once defeated the Fire Keeper will appear via a white summoning sign next to the bonfire. She will approach the bonfire and snuff out the First Flame, thus engulfing the world in darkness.

The Usurpation of Fire

Perhaps the second best ending of the game, the Usurpation of Fire is one of the hardest endings to obtain because you will need to complete the questline for Anri of Astoria while also working alongside Yuria of Londor to engage in an unholy marriage with Anri. You can find more details about that questline in our walkthrough.

Once you have that questline completed, head to the ending of the game and defeat the Soul of Cinder. Once complete, interact with the First Flame and you will suddenly drop dead after touching it. After several moments you'll awaken to a different hue of light, with a large portion of Londor begging at your feel, pleading with you to restore their kingdom to its former glory.

Those are the three endings that you can achieve in Dark Souls 3. Why not find out about more unique items in our complete Dark Souls 3 walkthrough. You can also find more information about certain NPCs, hidden areas, and collectible items.

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