Dark Souls 3: Character Creation, Classes, and Burial Gifts

Before we jump into Dark Souls 3, let's take a look at its character creator, which includes a look at each class and all the Burial Items available to players from the start.


Bandai Namco and From Software will be releasing Dark Souls 3 on April 12, but we already have access to the game to work on our review, as well as provide fans an inside look at the game in action. In this guide will go over the different classes and options available to players in the game's Character Creation tool.

At the start of the game players can choose their class as well as their Burial Gift. A player's class determines their starting stats, as well as what weapons and armor they will begin the game with. The Burial Gift is an item that players can choose to begin the game with. Depending on which item you choose you could find yourself at an advantage or disadvantage.

Class Types:

Knight - The knight begins with a hefty set of armor as well as a high base Vitality, making it one of the best starts for those looking to wear the heavier armors in the game.

Mercenary - Armed with a high base Dexterity, the Mercenary is a perfect fit for those looking to dual wield weapons.

Warrior - The starting medium armor and heavy-hitting starter battleaxe make the Warrior a perfect choice for those looking to build a pure melee build.

Herald - With a starting spear, fairly light armor, and some access to starting Miracles, the Herald is a good range-based class for those looking to stay light on their feet but still pack a punch.

Thief - If you’re looking to move fast and strike from behind, the Thief is a perfect match for you. Wielding a quick dagger and a fairly powerful military bow, the Thief can move fast and still hit with a sizeable amount of damage.

Assassin - The Assassin starting class is perfect for those looking to blend magic and melee together.

Sorcerer - Featuring high Intelligence starting out, the Sorcerer is a perfect magic-based class that focuses solely on using powerful soul sorceries to dominate the battlefield.

Pyromancer - A mixture of fire magic and melee, the Pyromancer is a tight fit for those looking to burn their enemies alive as they chop away at their health.

Cleric - Rule the battlefield with high Faith and miracles with the Cleric. Similar to the Sorcerer, the Cleric is a complete magic-based class that requires lots of dodging and attention to enemy movements.

Deprived - The most challenging class to start off as, the Deprived begins with no armor and low-tier weapons that make it easy to kill. You’ll also be unable to choose a Burial Gift, thus making your start more challenging than if you chose one of the other classes.

Burial Gifts:

Life Ring - Raises Maximum HP. Good for squishy classes like Sorcerers and Clerics.

Divine Blessing - Fully Restores HP and Cures any Ailments. Great for those looking to keep their HP up and their status effects minimal.

Black Firebomb - A somewhat effective item that explodes and catches enemies on fire.

Fire Gem - Used to upgrade fire weapons, perfect for those looking to get the most damage out of their weapons.

Sovereignless Soul­ - Used to acquire many souls. Use to maximize leveling potential from the start.

Rusted Gold Coin - Use to increase item discovery for a short bit. The go-to Burial Gift for those looking to find treasures and items galore.

Cracked Red Eye Orb - Can be used once to become a Dark Spirit and invade another player’s world. Online play item.

Young White Branch - Use to become peaceful and blend into the environment, hiding from your enemies.

For those who want a first look at the Character Creation tool, as well as the game's opening cinematic, you can take a look at the video below.

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