Chattycast 88: Lawnmower Guys

Now that virtual reality is upon us, what can we expect next? 


After much speculation, punditry, and even a little doom-saying, virtual reality is upon us. The Oculus Rift launched this week, with the HTC Vive following close behind, and even PSVR opened up its preorders. No longer a pie-in-the-sky idea or some vague future occurrence, this is now modern reality. But what does the future hold? 

Inspired by a thread from Chatty user Porkasaurus, this week we wildly speculate about where all this may be taking us. What kinds of games and genres would we like to see utilize VR? What kinds of games may be more compelling in VR than they ever were in more standard models? When do we get a follow-up to the Rift or Vive, and what features would we like to see them include?  

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