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Chattycast 87: No Half-Measures

With Xbox One and PlayStation 4 apparently at least considering revisions, we talk about the dangers of splitting a userbase.


We know the current generation of consoles are based around PC architecture, but both of the powerhouse console manufacturers seem to be blurring the line even further. Both Microsoft and Sony have been cited in recent statements and reports that hardware revisions are on the way, to offer versions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that outperform their original models. 

This week on the Chattycast, we examine what this means for the console market. Is this the end of the traditional console cycle? Is this a concession to PC dominance? Is it a smart move to stay relevant as hardware changes, a catch-up move for consoles that weren't as powerful as they should have been, or something else? Would you be willing to buy new consoles in 2- or 3-year increments? 

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