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How to Start the Automatron DLC in Fallout 4

Wait. I have to do what? And go where?


The Automatron DLC is Fallout 4’s first content drop, and with it comes a new questline, some intriguing new enemies, and a shiny new mechanical companion. Of course you’re going to have to figure out how to get all this stuff started, you know since Bethesda has never been very good at setting things up to be straightforward. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started on the Mechanical Menace questline so you can stop the Mechanist and his evil robot minions.

Buy the DLC or Season Pass

Obviously this part is a no-brainer, but in the spirit of keeping this guide to the point we’ve included it. Make sure you have purchased the Season Pass, or the individual DLC before you get started. We’ve heard that some users on PS4 have access to it, while others are unable to access it. There’s no official statement on the matter, but we have also heard it should be available on PS4 around 1-2 PM PT this afternoon when PSN updates their store.

Check the Addons Area

Once you’ve downloaded the season pass or the DLC pack, launch your game. Don’t load right in just yet. First we want to check and make sure it’s showing up for you. This can be accomplished by checking the Addons menu option on the main menu. If it isn’t showing up you should try restarting your game.

Addonsarea_Fallout4_Automatronguide Check your addons area to make sure the DLC shows up.

Load In and Get Started

Once you’ve assured that the DLC is showing in your Addons area, it’s time to actually load into the game. Reports have been coming in that you’ll need to be at least Level 15 for the quest to pop up, so we’d suggest loading into a previous save game if you can.

Once you’ve loaded in, or reached Level 15, it’s time to actually start the quest. Take a look in your Pip-Boy and click on the quest titled, Mechanical Menace. 

fallout4_pipboy_mechanicalmenace The Mechanical Menace quest will pop up sometime after hitting level 15.

It will inform you of the Cavern Distress Call, which you’ll need to tune into using your Pip-Boy’s radio.

fallout4_image_caravandistresscall The Cavaran Distress Call can be found in your Pip-boy radio

Listen to the call to update your quest objective, and then head to Watts Consumer Electronics to begin the quest.

fallout4_pipboymap Watts Consumer Electronics is just northeast of the Cambridge Police Station where you meet the Brotherhood of Steel.

Once you defeat the robots there the actual quest chain will begin and you’ll soon find yourself caught up in the Commonwealth’s newest battle.

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