Where to Spend Your Phoenix Credits in The Division

Now that you've made all that cash it's time to spend it fast.


Phoenix Credits can be obtained several different ways, and we've already covered that in our guide on how to get more Phoenix Credits. But the journey doesn't stop there. Once you've made yourself a fair bit of cash from completing your daily missions and other assorted quests, it's time to head back to the Base of Operations and spend all those pretty and shiny Phoenix Credits on High-End gear. This guide will teach you where to find the vendor, as well as what items he offers for your stash.

Special Gear Vendor

First head back to the Base of Operations and make your way inside. Once you're inside you'll want to make your way through the doorway directly in front of the base's entrance. Now head up the stairs and into the Tech Wing, which just so happens to be the only place left for our new Special Gear Vendor to set up shop. Now that you've got some Phoenix Credits you should be able to spot him just to the right of the Recalibration area, which is on the left side of the room just in front of where Rhodes has set up shop. Interact with the Special Gear Vendor to find yourself looking at a shiny menu of High-End and Superior gear. Of course, you're going to need a lot of Phoenix Credits if you want to buy all his stuff.

What's He Selling?

The Special Gear Vendor is most known for the High-End weapons and gear that players can purchase from him. However, a lot of you might have overlooked the fact that a good deal of what this new vendor sales is actually High-End blueprints, meaning you'll be able to craft them yourselves. The blueprints don't cost nearly as much as the full-blown weapons, and they offer a chance at more unique Talents and Stats than purchasing the weapon outright does. Either way you decide to do things, the Special Gear Vendor will most likely have some shiny new toys that you'll want to check out as soon as you can.

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