Project Setsuna Comes Westward This Summer

Old becomes new, and Project Setsuna becomes I Am Setsuna.


As gameplay continues to evolve, sometimes the gameplay that was so meaningful to us in yesteryear falls by the wayside. In the RPG world, the action RPG is king, and although there's nothing wrong with that, it's good to see that meaningful stories continue to be told with the graphic and gameplay style we grew up with.

Square Enix is publishing Tokyo Game Factory's I Am Setsuna, a jRPG inspired by the hits of the late 90's and a battle system that looks straight out of Chrono Trigger. While a few years ago I would say that a game like this had little chance for localization, it seems Square Enix is picking up that the trends in the West are drifting towards nostalgia and love of plot.

It's been announced that I Am Setsuna is coming to the U.S. and Europe sometime this summer for the PlayStation 4 and for PC via Steam. The more jRPGs, the merrier is my motto.

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