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Customizing Your Character in The Division

Learn how to make your Agent look unique.


Tom Clancy's The Division is a lengthy action-RPG with multiplayer and end-game elements intended to give it longevity. That makes it especially important to create a character you like, because once you've set their look, you're stuck with it. This guide will walk you through the character creation process and explain all of your options.

You have four categories of customization options to choose from: Basic, Hair, Markings, and Accessories. 


The Basic menu includes a gender selection, along with a sub-menu for each gender. Both genders have eight Face options, eight Skin Tone options, and nine Iris Color options. The Skin Tones are only minor variations on a character's basic look, so if you want to change a character's race entirely, use the Face options to find one that you like.

From any of the main tabs you can press Y (XBO) or Triangle (PS4) to randomize your look, but this will only randomize the Basic and Hair settings for the gender you have selected, which includes facial hair for male characters. Markings and Accessories still have to be added manually. 


The Hair options include five Hairstyles, four to five Facial Hairstyles (for Male characters), and nine Hair Color variations. Like the Skin Tones, the Hairstyles and Facial Hairstyles are contextual based on the Face, so you'll get different options depending on the facial model you've chosen. 


Unlike the Basic options, Markings are gender-neutral. They come in three types: Scars, Warpaint, and Tattoos. 

  • Five Scar options, ranging from a small cut to larger gashes
  • 14 Warpaint options, which can have between one and three tints with four options each
  • 28 Tattoo options, with a slider for saturation with 20 degrees of variance


Like the Markings, the Accessories are gender-neutral as well. However, you only have ten options in this menu. Option 1 is basic, with no accessories. Options 2-6 are different variations of piercings, while 7-10 are variations of sunglasses. 


Once you're finished, use the final tab to Confirm your Agent. Be sure you're happy with all of your attributes, because after that point, your look is locked and cannot be changed. You can, however, use vanity items to customize your clothes.

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