Where to Find the Rewards Vendor in The Division

Find the Rewards Vendor and claim your prizes.


If you preordered Tom Clancy’s: The Division, or even picked p a few of the cosmetic items available through the Uplay rewards program, then chances are you’ve been looking for that pesky Rewards Vendor who seems to be hiding from you each time you head to your Base of Operations. This guide will detail his exact location to help you find the guy and claim your prize.

Learn how to unlock locked doors and get more lockpicks.

Base of Operations

First off, head to your Base of Operations at the post office in Pennsylvania Avenue. Once you’re there head inside, through the decontamination unit, and into the main room. Normally you’d think that the vendor would appear in here with all his fellow salesmen, but that’s not the case.

To find the Rewards Vendor you’ll actually need to head forward from the entrance, through the door that leads to the Tech Wing. If you’ve just arrived at the Base of Operations, and aren’t sure which door leads to the Tech Wing, then just look for a door with some stairs through it. Then head through the door.

Don’t head up those stairs just yet though. The vendor isn’t hiding up there with Paul Rhodes and all his dusty computer tech. In fact, he’s on the ground floor. Head past the stairs, and into the room behind them to find the Rewards Vendor standing behind a table, waiting impatiently for you to pick all your stuff up. Interact with him to pull up a set of tabs that showcases items you can redeem, a sell tab, and your inventory. Pick up what you want and then head back out into the scum filled streets of New York.

There’s still a lot of cleaning up to do, Agent. Time to get back out there.

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