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Tom Clancy's: The Division - Collectibles, Walkthrough and Guide

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!


Tom Clancy’s The Division is shaping up to be a pretty massive game for Ubisoft, but don’t worry we won’t let you brave the danger filled streets of New York on your own. Here you’ll find our complete set of walkthrough and guides available for Ubisoft’s newest third-person shooter, including all the game’s Intel locations, tips to stay ahead of the grind, and more.

As we said above, there are a lot of things to do in The Division’s massive world, but before we dive into the chaos of the game’s story there are a few things that each and every player need to grasp before they get too deep into the scum of New York’s collapse.

Starter Tips

  • Don’t push too hard. Moving into higher level areas can be a good way to earn experience, however, it can also get you killed really quickly.
  • Every item you pick up in the Dark Zone needs to be extracted and cleansed before you can use it. However, you can only hold up to six items in between extractions so you’ll want to break down any items of low rarity to use in your weapon and armor crafting.
  • Like most games these days there is more than one type of currency to collect for your different weapons and items. The first currency, credits, are used for weapons and items at the vendors outside of The Dark Zone. Dark Zone Credits, which are only earned inside the game’s PVP-oriented area, are harder to earn and will work a long way towards High-End weapons, which will strengthen your overall Gear Score.
  • Be careful when going Rogue in the Dark Zone, while the rewards can be nice, it puts any loot and Dark Zone Credits you’re carrying at risk of being taken away if you die.

The Division Tips And Tricks

The Division - How to Make Money Fast

  • Make lots of money fast using this quick guide to line your wallet.

Where to Find the Rewards Vendor in The Division

  • Discover where to find the Rewards Vendor and claim your free in-game items.

The Division - How to Level Quickly and Easily

  • Guide coming soon.

The Division - How to Find High-End Weapons and Gear

  • Find out the best ways to score yourself some shiny new High-End gear.

The Division - Dark Zone and Extraction Tips

  • Head into the Dark Zone and find yourself some gear. Once you've found it you're going to need to survive long enough to extract it. 

The Division - How to Craft

  • Stop looking for new gear and create it yourself.

How to Upgrade Your Filter Level in The Division

  • Learn how to increase your mask's Filter Level so you can take on higher contaminated areas.

How to Get More Lockpicks in The Division

  • Score yourself more lockpicks so you can open all those locked doors.

How to Customize Your Character

  • Make sure your character looks good while he's killing baddies.

The Division - All Intel Location Guides

The Division - All Echo Locations

  • Guide coming soon.

The Division - All Crashed Drone Locations

  • Guide coming soon.

The Division - All Mission Agent Locations

  • Guide coming soon.

The Division - All Incident Report Locations

  • Guide coming soon.

The Division - All Survival Guide Locations

  • Maps and locations for each and every Survival Guide page hidden throughout Manhattan.

The Division - All Phone Recording Locations

  • Listen to all the phone recordings left behind to dig deeper into The Division's backstory.

We'll be updating our guide often. If you don't see what you're looking for, check back later for more info and walkthroughs.

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