Where to Find Rare Feathers in Far Cry Primal

Learn where to find rare feathers so you can upgrade your bow's quiver.


Tired of running out of arrows so fast? Looking to upgrade Takkar's quiver so you can shoot more baddies with arrows before having to make a trip to the Reward Stash back at your camp? This guide will teach you the quickest and easiest way to find rare feathers so you can get back to taking down Udam and Izila outposts throughout Oros.

Rare feathers are a bit tricky to obtain, as they are only available one of two ways. The first way is to kill an eagle. This is the toughest way, as it requires precise aim and timing in order to accomplish.

The second way to guarantee rare feathers so that you can upgrade your quiver is to complete Wogah's quest to find rare feathers at the top of a large cliff. You'll need to upgrade Wogah's hut twice before thie quest unlocks, which means you'll need to be a little ways into the game. Once you've received the quest make your way north out of the main Wenja village and follow the lake until you reach the dead end where the quest marker rests. Now use the Grappling Claw to climb your way to the tip top of the area and collect the rare feathers from all three eagle nests as you climb. This will reward you with enough rare feathers to unlock your quiver upgrade, as well as allow you to find rare feathers on other birds throughout Oros.

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