Far Cry Primal: Hunter Cache Locations and Guide

Learn the solutions to these strange cave paintings left behind by other hunters.


Hunter Caches are a type of untracked collectable found in Far Cry Primal. Each cache holds several rare items like animal skins and crafting materials for Takkar to use in upgrades. Unlike the other collectables in Far Cry Primal, Hunter Caches will only be marked on your map once you come near them while walking around.

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Once you find a Hunter Cache you’ll need to look at it, take in all the details of the cave painting associated with the cache, and then locate the area where the cache is hidden nearby. Luckily we’ve taken all the guess work out of it, and this guide will pinpoint each Hunter Cache, where to find it, and how to solve it.

This first Hunter Cache can be found to the northeast of Kapal Outpost. Follow the nearby river to the area marked on the map below and the Hunter Cache should pop up on your World Map.

To solve this Hunter Cache drop down from the painting and make your way around the rock towards the cave where you first meet Wogah. Now turn on your Hunter Vision and look for the glowing red batch of resources.

The second Hunter Cache we’ve located can be found after you break your way int the Izila Homeland. Follow the left edge of the area around until the cache appears on your map.

Once you’ve spotted the painting do a quick analysis and then make your way back around the edge of the area until you spot the blue painted standing stone on your left. There should be a stone hut up the hill from the standing stone. Head into the hut and use your Hunter Vision behind the Izila altar to find this cache of rare supplies.

The third Hunter Cache can be found on a cliff face to the southwest of Payska River Outpost. Make your way to the area marked on the map to find the cave painting you’ll need to solve.

This painting is actually fairly easy to solve if you’ve paid attention to the area near the lake’s shore. Make your way over the path to the southeast of the painting and down to the beach-like area with the vine arch. Head around the edge of the small inlet of water and use your Hunter Vision to spot this Hunter’s Cache waiting for Takkar to claim.

The next Hunter Cache can be found along the border between Oros's central and northern areas. Head to the area marked on the map to locate the painting left to mark the hidden cache.

Once you've located the painting turn around and locate the nearby gorge with a small waterfall flowing into it. Use Takkar's Grappling Claw to hook to the nearby grapple point and then head down into the gorge. Don't go too deep down, as the bottom is empty and littered with toxic gas. Use your Hunter Vision to locate the entrance to an animal's cave and head inside, following the trail of dead fish until you spot this pile of rare supplies waiting to be liberated.

This next Hunter Cache can be found by traveling to the campfire just northwest of the Great Prashrawa. From the campfire head north along the wall to the right of the path to find this painting.

The painting depicts the nearby waterfalls, which are just east of the Great Prashrawa landmark on your map. Head to the bottom of the falls and cross the pool of water to find this cache of rare supplies with your Hunter Vision.

To find the next Hunter Cache you'll need to head to Takkar's Cave and then make your way out of the Wenja village beside Karoosh's hut. Follow the western edge of the map north until you spot this painting in a small recess in the rock.

From the painting, which depicts a large tree trunk and a bird's nest, head north until you spot the eagle's flying over a large pool of water. Use your Grappling Claw to climb to the top and claim this pile of resources near the edge of the tree trunk holding the eagle nest.

Due to the hidden nature of these caches we’ll be updating this guide as we find more. Check back often for new locations, solutions, and even more Far Cry Primal content.

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