Footage of six ISIS Soldiers killed by sniper is really from Medal of Honor

Kills unconfirmed?


Iranian State TV broadcast footage of what it believed to be a Hezbollah sniper killing six ISIS soldiers in under two minutes. This would be extremely impressive in the real world, although it turns out the footage that was broadcast was really from a Let’s Play video of someone playing EA’s Medal of Honor.

The original broadcast footage is now being picked up across several TV networks in Iran and Saudi Arabia, according to French news outlet France 24. It’s also being spread across the Internet as real battlefield footage claiming to show six ISIS fighters being killed by a Hezbollah sniper.

While the footage appears to look quite authentic, a clear giveaway is the icon that pops up at the bottom of the screen to notify the player they achieved a headshot. In the broadcast footage, you can see icon pop up a number of times, the first of which comes up around the 20-second mark.

Now if only the person behind the Let’s Play video would consider a future as a sniper. Then we could see if their video-game abilities could transfer into real-world confirmed kills against ISIS soldiers.

Here's the full Let's Play the footage was taken from, which was taken from around the 2:50 mark of the following video:

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