Far Cry Primal: Beginner Tips - Explore Oros, Gather Supplies

Get ahead of the game with these quick tips to be a better Beast Master.


Far Cry Primal is ready to take players 12,000 years into the past - back into the Stone Age. With that come a good few changes that previous Far Cry players will need to get used to before they make their way too far into the mystical land of Oros. On the surface Far Cry Primal is Far Cry. This isn't a bad thing, as it means the game is fairly simple to pick up. But we've compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get ahead of the curve and get those first few hours into the Stone Age under your belt without a hitch.

Explore... But be Careful

Exploring is one of the most important parts of a game like this, and there is plenty to discover in the land of Oros. Just make sure you aren't stepping into Cave Lion territory, as that could prove extremely detrimental to Takkar's health early on. We suggest exploring the main area around Takkar's Cave and the Wenja village until you've unlocked a good little portion of the map and a few of the nearby Campfires that allow you to respawn in the area. This will make sure that, in the case of the unintended death, you are able to return to the fight as quickly as possible.

Gather, Gather, Gather

Gathing ingredients can feel pretty tedious at times, especially when you're grinding away trying to get enough Flint or Animal Hide to refill your Spears. But don't let it get the best of you. Gathering is actually the second most important thing in this game because you never know when you're going to run out of supplies and need to craft a Spear of Club on the fly. Gathering materials whenever you see them is also a really good way to ensure you have the needed items later on when you start upgrading your village specialist huts.

Don't be Afraid to "Squirrel"

Far Cry Primal is a "Squirrel!" kind of game, which means it is extremely easy to get distracted. There are always events going on around you, and predatory animals are always just lurking around the next bend in the path. Don't be afraid to let your curiosity win out and pull you away from your objective. We've happened upon quite a few nice findings while letting ourselves go for a moment. Just remember to rein it in at some point or you'll never finish the game.

Clear Outposts and Light Bonfires

Outposts are back. If you've played any Far Cry game since Far Cry 3 then you're probably familiar with these enemy encampments. As you make your way through Oros you're bound to run into some dangerous enemies, and having Bonfires and Outposts captured is a great way to ensure you don't have to endlessly walk everywhere on your own two feet. Be careful though, these bases of operation are guarded by powerful enemy forces, and you'll want to bring Takkar's best if you hope to clear them all out and reclaim Oros for the Wenja. Claiming Outposts and Bonfires for the Wenja unlocks new beds to sleep in, as well as new Reward Stash locations and Fast Travel options.

Tame Everything

In our complete guide to taming animals in Far Cry Primal we mention going ahead and taming everything that you can once you complete the Vision of Beasts mission and tame your first White Wolf. We suggest this because the later taming skills require that you have a certain amount of animals tamed before they will unlock. Since taming in this game is so easy, go ahead and keep plenty of Bait on you so that you can tame all the animals that you see.

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