How to Tame Animals in Far Cry Primal

Answer the call of the wild and learn how to woo the dangerous beasts that lurk within Oros.


Far Cry Primal is a huge step away from what we’re used to seeing in Ubisoft’s annual series, which means there are a lot of new and interesting ideas added into the game that really spruce things up a notch. One particularly interesting mechanic that’s joined the lineup is animal taming. This guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to tame all the tameable creatures in Far Cry’s journey back to the Stone Age.

Tameable Animals

Of course, before we can jump into taming the animals, we need to know which animals we can tame, and what the requirements are to tame those creatures. There are four main groups of animals that can be tamed in Far Cry Primal.


The first group of tameable animals unlocks after you complete you meet the Wenja Shaman, Tensay, and experience the Vision of Beasts quest. After you complete the vision you’ll actually be given a quest to track down and tame a White Wolf, making it the first tameable creatures you get.

The Canine group is comprised of Dholes, Rare Dholes, Wolves, White Wolves, and Rare Stripe Wolves.


The Wildcat family is the second tameable group of beasts that you can tame and command. Once you unlock this group you’ll be able to tame Leopards, Jaguars, Rare Black Jaguars, Cave Lions, and Rare Black Lions.

Apex Predators

This third group of tameable creatures is a small group, but it includes some of the most vicious creatures in all or Oros. It requires you to have five tamed animals to unlock, and then another two skill points to actually activate.

The Apex Predator group is comprised of the Sabretooth tiger and Brown Bear.

Cunning Beasts

Cunning beasts are the smartest and most dangerous animals in Oros. If you want to tame these mighty predators you’ll need to have tamed at least 8 beasts. Then you can unlock the ability to tame these creatures with three skill points.

The Cunning Beasts group is comprised of Cave Bears and Badgers.

Preparing to Tame a Beast

Taming a beast is actually really simple. Unlike games like Ark: Survival Evolve, Ubisoft has taken a more simplified approach to taming beasts. To tame a beast you’ll want to prepare some Bait, which is created using Meat, which is picked up off of dead animals.

If you don’t have any meat just go on a little hunt near Takkar’s cave and kill some goats. They’re pretty easy to sneak up on, and die to an arrow in the face.

Once you have your Bait ready it’s time to head to the place on the map where the animal likes to congregate. These are marked by images of the creature on your map, so just set down a waypoint and make your way there.

As you near the location of the animal go ahead and prepare yourself for what we like to call ‘Hunting Mode’ and drop into a crouch. It’s very important you don’t spook the creature you’re trying to tame, otherwise you might be forced to kill it in a fight.

Tame the Beast

Once you’ve located the beast you want to tame, open your weapon wheel and make sure you have the Bait selected, and then throw it. Wait for the animal to investigate it, and while it’s eating, quickly sneak up on it and press the button prompt that appears to tame it.

Tamed beasts can also be mounted and used for faster transportation to and from places. Learn more about how to ride animals in Far Cry Primal.

That’s all there is to taming animals in Far Cry Primal. Oh yeah, before we let you go, make sure you aren’t anywhere near other beasts when you try to tame one. You could easily be noticed and have your taming session ruined by a nosy Cave Lion. It’s happened before. Trust us, it isn’t pretty.

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