How to Start Dying Light: The Following DLC

Learn how to enter Harran's countryside.


The Following is Dying Light’s newest expansion and with it comes a giant new open world area to explore with brand new vehicles, and quite a few new weapons. But before you can get started mowing zombies down with your new crossbow and buggy, you’re going to need to get the campaign started. This guide will teach you how to do just that.

Sadly The Following isn’t actually connected to the main game, meaning there isn’t a way to currently move between the two versions of the game without exiting back to the main menu. Many players have made the mistake of launching the campaign and trying to find a way out of Haran from there. But that won’t work. Instead you’ll need to go to the Main Menu.

Once at the Main Menu choose the Play option.

Now you’ll need to select The Following, which should be located right until Play Campaign if you have the expansion installed.

From there you’ll have to select the save file you want to use and then press Enter to get started.

We hope you enjoy killing zombies with your new buggy. If you’re looking to earn yourself some nice free weapons, check out these 42 docket codes for Dying Light.

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