Play On The SHIELD Android TV: Pix the Cat

Those who are yearning for the days of arcade games should look no further than Pix the Cat. The game will certainly scratch your itch for a fast and fun arcade title.


Even though arcades are pretty much a thing of the past in the US, the rise of mobile gaming has caused a resurgence for classic arcade games. Games that you would normally see in a lonely corner at a local bowling alley are now finding an audience on mobile devices, one of which is Pix the Cat.

Pix the Cat has players assuming the role of Pix himself, who is the first cat in the world to play his own game. As Pix progresses through each level, he’ll fall deeper and deeper into the Grid of Infinity. Each level will require him to hatch a number of eggs to then stack up ducklings behind him. He’ll then need to drop them off at target circles in order to set them free, thus allowing him to progress to the next level. If Pix smacks into a wall or runs into his tail of ducklings, his speed will be reduced as well as his combo meter.

Pix the Cat features an Arcade mode, which allows Pix to play across 70 levels, as well as a Bomberman-inspired Arena mode that has you playing against up to three other friends. The Nostalgia mode allows you to play the game in a classic cartoon art style reminiscent of Steamboat Willie, and the last game mode, Laboratory remixes the gameplay a bit to be more puzzle focused.

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