Play On The SHIELD Android TV: Chariot

Let's go drag a dead guy around in his coffin to help him reach his final resting place.


Frima Studio’s Chariot is a humourous, physics-based couch co-op platformer that has the player assuming the role of either a brave Princess or her fiancé as they work together to carry a funeral wagon that’s inhabited by the spirit of the former’s father, the King. Don’t feel too melancholy about the whole situation as the King is kind of a jerk who demands his remains be wheeled to the Royal Catacombs, which isn’t in a convenient location. In fact, you’ll be wheeling his wagon across a total of 25 levels in order to give him the peace of mind he’s looking for.

Chariot has been optimized to be played on the NVIDIA SHIELD and can be played on the SHIELD Android TV, which makes playing this couch co-op game much easier than having to crowd around a tablet. Players will be pushing, pulling, lifting, and dropping the King’s wagon through various locales, collecting loot along the way. The only way you can collect loot is by having the wagon drive over gems, which will then allow them to drop inside of it. Playing alone will earn you a good amount of gems, but there are certain locations that require two players to work together to reach.

Reaching the Royal Catacombs won’t be as easy as dragging the wagon across various locales as you should expect to come across a number of adversaries along the way. Bats, dark beasts, and the environment itself are just some of the obstacles you’ll come across during your underground journey. All this while the King randomly hurls insults at you every chance he gets. But regardless of his inability to appreciate the work the Princess and her fiancé put into getting him where he needs to go, we can tell you that Chariot is a game that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’re a fan of couch co-op games.

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