How to Fly Forever in Just Cause 3 - Wingsuit Guide

Learn how to fly (almost) forever with this complete guide to using Just Cause 3's wingsuit.


The wingsuit is one of my favorite items in Just Cause 3, and for good reason. Combined with the grappling hook and parachute, it’s a beautiful combination for flying that can’t be beat. But if you’re looking to really set the record for most time flown in a wingsuit among your friends, then you’re going to need to buckle down and really learn how to maximize the use of your wingsuit using only the grappling hook.

The most important thing to remember when trying to set records with the wingsuit, is that your starting point is extremely important. You don’t want to simply start off on top of a building, or parachuting down from a helicopter. I suggest heading to the highest mountain you can see, and then making sure there aren’t too many cliff faces around you. You can scale cliffsides with the wingsuit if you have to, but it costs valuable momentum, and can be tricky to pull off on the best of days.

Once you have a solid starting point, make sure the land surrounding you isn’t too flat. You want something with cities, or hills within view. If everything checks out, go ahead and take off. We suggest unlocking the Reel in Boost mod and equipping it, because it will help you gain momentum. From there your task is simple. Stay low to the ground, and use your grappling hook to pull you over any hills or obstacles that get in your way.

Note that when I say use your grappling hook I do not mean exit the wingsuit. Instead, lock on to an obstacle and shoot your grappling hook to reel you and your wingsuit in, and send you soaring over the obstacle with a boost in speed. From here you’ll just continue to do the same thing and use your grappling hook to pull you over hills, buildings, mountains, and other obstacles. So far I’ve managed to wingsuit for over ten minutes through the largest province in the game, but I’m sure someone somewhere has flown longer than I have.

As long as your patient, and you make use of your grappling hook every chance you have, you shouldn’t have too many problems breaking my record, and setting a high record among your friends. Just let them try to beat that.

If you're not looking to set any records then you can also make use of your parachute to pull you up high cliffsides that stand in your way. With so many options available to players, there are many moments where you can complete objectives without ever leaving the safety of the air.

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