How to Attract More Settlers to Your Settlement in Fallout 4

Grow your settlements by making sure your base is ready for more settlers.


Base building is one of the newest pieces of Bethesda’s wasteland RPG, Fallout, and Fallout 4’s introduction to settlements is a bit hazy at best. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to help you attract more settlers to your settlement, so you can keep growing your ranks.

Make Sure Your Settlement is Happy

Nobody wants to move somewhere where everyone is miserable. The first step to attracting more settlers in Fallout 4 is making sure your settlements are ready for new settlers. This means you’ll want to go ahead and build some extra beds, throw up some more water pumps, and probably even chunk down a few more Gourds or Melons to keep everyone fed. Once you’re sure your settlement is happy it’s time to move to the next step.

Make Sure Your Settlement is Defended

Technically this falls into step one, but let’s be honest, this part of the equation is important enough to warrant its own step in the ladder to success. Defense is an important part of surviving in the Commonwealth. Not only are there radioactive creatures who want to eat you and your friends for dinner, but there are also hundreds of raiders just waiting for the right chance to claim a spoil of war. To make sure you’re well defended, build a few Guard Posts or Guard Towers around the perimeter of your settlement. We also suggest throwing down some Turrets, but we know everyone won’t be able to afford those at this point in time. You should also remember that Guard Posts and Guard Towers only function with people assigned to them, so be sure to assign a few settlers around the base.

Build your Recruitment Radio Beacon

Now that you have your settlement ready to bring in new troops, it’s time to build your Radio Beacon and start broadcasting your recruitment calls out to the Commonwealth. Head into your build menu. Locate the Power section. Now locate the Miscellaneous section, and you should spot the Recruitment Radio Beacon right there. Find a good place to plop it down.

Now it’s time to run some power from a generator to the beacon. Grab you build menu once more. Head to the Power section. Now select Generators. The first generator should do for this, so just select it and plop it down somewhat close to your Radio Beacon. Now you’ll need to hover over the generator and press SPACE (or whatever button your console uses) to run wire from the generator to the Recruitment Radio Beacon. Presto. Now you have power, a beacon, and your settlement is ready to take in a new wave of settlers. Now all you have to do is wait.

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