Chattycast 69: Call of Laser Robots

The Chattycast gabs about Call of Duty's slow march towards sci-fi craziness. 


Call of Duty began its life as a shooter homage to the Greatest Generation, and then found renewed life when Infinity Ward pushed it into the modern era. Since then, though, the series has slowly moved away from gritty realism and dropped most of its focus on honoring military service. Instead, the Call of Duty releases today are virtually indistinguishable from other sci-fi shooters, save for their high production values.

This week, the Chattycast talks about the changing face of the Call of Duty series. Does the increasingly science-fiction tone still align with the series' original mission statement? Was this move a necessary step to push the series forward, or is it following trends in the larger shooter genre? Now that it has moved into a more distant future, does the series go from here?

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