Destiny: The Taken King - How to Upgrade your Exotic Weapons and Gear Fast using Motes of Light

Fully upgrade your Hawkmoon, Red Death, or Zhalo Supercell in minutes using your stored Motes of Light.


The Taken King has made a lot of new changes to the way players interact and work with Destiny's game world. It used to take hours of gameplay to track down Exotic weapons and armor, and even though the hunt is still just as long and trying as before, Bungie has given players a new way to quickly and easily upgrade their gear. This guide will teach you how to quickly upgrade your weapons and armor to ensure you’re getting the most out of all your perks. All you really have to do is shed a little light on the situation.

Ever looked at your inventory and wondered what the heck you were going to do with all those Motes of Light you seem to be holding onto endlessly? With Destiny’s newest Expansion, The Taken King, Bungie has given players a new way to use Motes of Light that amounts to more than just cheap armor, and failing engrams from the various vendors around the Tower.

Now players can use the Motes of Light as a Consumable, which when used will level up their equipped gear, weapons and armor, without doing anything else. This makes it extremely easy to consume twenty or more Motes in order to upgrade your favorite Legendary or Exotic gear. We’ve noticed that it took around 20-30 Motes of Light to upgrade our Year 2 Hawkmoon, and it also took us about 30 or so Motes of Light to fully upgrade our Year 2 Crest of Alpha Lupi.

How to Get Motes of Light

The simplest way to get Motes of Light is to simply play the game. Each time you level up after hitting the level cap of 40, you’ll receive 3 Motes of Light for your trouble. This means you technically have an unlimited source of Motes of Light as long as you’re earning more and more experience. You can also get Motes of Light for completing Strikes, Quests, Missions, Bounties and breaking down Rare or better weapons and armor. We’ve also earned them while completing things like the Court of Oryx, Public Events, and opening chests on the various locations that Guardians can travel to in Destiny. If you’re really strapped for Motes of Light, and you want to level up some gear fast, you can also purchase them from Xur in exchange for 2 Strange Coins. It’s not our favorite vendor trade-off, however, it is good for a pinch when you really need to unlock that next perk on your Hawkmoon or Exotic sword.

Unlock your Exotic Sword Quest Using Motes of Light

Motes of Light also allow you to easily and quickly level up your Arc Edge, Sol Edge, or Void Edge from Lord Shaxx. Once you’ve leveled it entirely, and infused its damage to 280, Lord Shaxx will offer you another questline to get an Exotic Sword, which is extremely powerful and useful against the enemies of the Traveler.

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